Just a Thought but is it true?

Today I had a thought. Kenya police should investigate and arrest all corruption politicians and leaders and take them to court immediately. They will be sentenced and sent to jail.

LOL! I am only dreaming abi? Because, this my proposal assumes that the police are not corrupt and that the judges are not corrupt! Only if this were true would they be in a position to implement my plan!

But you know what will happen? A corrupt policeman will arrest a corrupt politician. The policeman will either be bribed so that the arrest doesn’t take place or be bribed to tamper with the investigation. In this case the politician will be presented before a judge who will either be bribed so as to rule in his favour or not find proper evidence to prosecute the said politician(tampering by police during investigation). The corrupt politician will be freed and return to his people. Well, his people because he ‘bought’ them. Meaning he bribed them and they voted for him! Thus making the general population corrupt as well!

You know what? My plan to fight corruption is useless! Kenyans love corruption and being corrupt! Only when it is not benefiting us do we hate it. And that’s not hating corruption, it is hating the fact that we did not benefit from corruption! Envy. Not hatred.

Thoughts by,

Moses Muya


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