Why CORD Coalition won’t win 2017 presidency


As one of the CORD coalition leaders may suggest that my name betrays me for making such remarks, I wish to say categorically that I don’t represent any form of coalition. Having cleared the air on this, the fact still remains I hail from the GEMA community. Another fact is I am a Kenyan who was once a great supporter and admirer of the Orange democratic movement. I had once opted to get a tattoo with the initials “ODM-Baba Tosha” but my inner sense convinced me not to, because political parties in Kenya are like outfits, they only suits a particular moment or season and once their seasons are over the political outfits are changed.

Anyway back to my allegation of why CORD coalition won’t win 2017 election forced me to go on a fact finding mission that came up with the following five fold common mistake the CORD coalition (precisely ODM Party) keeps making that will cost them again the 2017 presidency.

First, CORD as a coalition is made up of one person. It is like a privately owned company. All decisions are made by one person and anyone who differs with him gets fired. Raila owns CORD Coalition full stop. Kalonzo and Wetangula are just props or accessories. They make the Coalition looks as if it’s not an ODM affair. Other than that they add no value and whether they leave or stay, they will be replaced by another power- hungry red eyed politician from their community. Hence the problem of having one person calling the shots despite all the structures being in place indicates signs of dictatorship, lack of democratic principles and lack of growth within the party.

Secondly, CORD coalition keeps applying the wrong political strategy. They focus more on tainting the image of the ruling government or their opponents without providing a better solution to problems affecting the people. For example in the last general elections they maximized on tarnishing the image of both President Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto as criminals. They forgot that this narrative was the selling point of the Jubilee government which resulted to them winning from all the sympathy votes. Currently they are focusing on the corruption scandals rocking the Jubilee government yet they forget the president made the first move purporting to fight corruption that gave him a standing ovation from all the parties in the National Assembly including members of the CORD Coalition. Also corruption is not news to Kenyans; sadly it’s the order of the day.

Thirdly, power struggle will be the down fall of the CORD Coalition come 2017. The three principles are all political vultures. They are not a team and each of them is eyeing the presidency but to one of them, the presidency means more than even going to heaven. Meaning that there is no way Raila will be a running mate hence Kalonzo and wetangula need to shelve their ambition until 2022. Will they agree? Time will tell. Also within the coalition the so called “small” politicians are in constant in-house fights that not only bring divisiveness within the coalition parties but also demoralize active and hard working party members/ politicians.

Fourthly, CORD coalition lack proper and well trained political strategists/ advisors. What they have is a group of individuals who lack wisdom; fresh ideas and they have all fallen short of better and developed ideologies that will revive the Coalition. Sadly most of their strategists/ advisors are politicians or “wannabes” who lack the proper vision and strategies that will help them win the presidential race. Also Most of these “wannabes” are busy on press conferences attacking politicians yet their place is supposed to be at the background calculating and preparing ammunitions to counter the rival politicians.

Lastly, the CORD Coalition lacks young leaders who understand the current trend and can have a closer impact on the young generation than the older folks. I do believe they may try to argue saying that there are critical positions allocated to the young leaders within the coalition parties but the fact remains; are the young leaders inspired to take up these roles with pride and make decisions? Sadly not and the truth is any young leader who is aggressive is either fought within or silenced by old guards who are so rigid that letting go of power is a problem. This is why after the last general election there was a mass exodus of young leaders from the coalition who were short changed and some ended up getting a safe haven in Jubilee government hence creating a vacuum in the Cord coalition.

The sycophants will defiantly disagree with me but proverbs 12:15 says- “The ways of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice”. If the coalition wants to win 2017 elections they need to a have an internal audit and make necessary changes.

Article by,
Dennis Mwaniki
Political scientist


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