History has always been cruel to the United States for always not being wise in choosing which lesser evil to support when it comes to the International geo-politics. It is alleged that they are the ones who invented Osama Bin laden who ended up being their worst enemy. It is also said that Saddam Hussein one of the worst dictators rose into power through their assistance so as to curb the growth and influence of the Iraqi Communist Party which by the late 1950’s was on the verge of taking power. To them Saddam Hussein seemed a “lesser evil” at that time. These are some of the choices the United States government and its agencies played in picking the “lesser kind of evil” that they would wish to forget. Unfortunately, we are all in one point or the other faced with this kind of choice and whichever decision we make, we will either be affected positively or negatively.

In the next 2 years or so Kenyans are going to be faced with this kind of question during elections. We will be required to choose between a “lesser evil” of a leader and whether we like it or not we need to start preparing our minds to make that decision. For instance in Nairobi County we are currently faced by two kinds of “evils” and it is our duty to apply any kind of measures to quantify the “lesser evil” of the two. One of these “evils” is part of a team running the County government and the other is purporting to run a parallel government within the same County. Both of them are leaders whom we democratically elected.

When Governor Kidero ran for elections in 2013 some of us who thought or purported to be professionals in our different fields came out in large numbers to elect him. We were excited to have such a person with impressive curriculum vitae to run the Capital City and hopefully restore its name as city under the sun. We walked proudly knowing that Nairobi County will be a 24 hour economy, have tapped and clean running water in all households, modern recreational amenities such as parks, decent and affordable housing that will help curb the increase of informal settlements, a clean city with a proper and functioning drainage system, proper flow of traffic and hopefully a well secured city with CCTV cameras manning every street. Sadly all what we have experienced under kidero’s government is corruption within the county government, rise of cartels in the garbage collection sector and other service providers, slapping of fellow leaders, flooding of the city, traffic congestion and insecurity.

The current county government of Nairobi led by Governor Kidero has failed to deliver its mandate including the promises and benefits that some county governments are enjoying. If our votes were to be equated as shares by now all of us who voted for Kidero would be filing for bankruptcy having our shares trading at 0.00 Cent per share.

The other “evil” is Senator Mike “Sonko” who is running a shadow government in Nairobi County. To many he seems the “lesser evil” having established the Sonko Rescue Team which provides ambulance services, disaster management such as rescuing individuals when disasters such as floods and infernos occur, financial assistance, hearse services and also wedding limousines free of charge. As a result he has created jobs for many young individuals. He has become a darling to many especially to the low income earners and the youths. Sadly what scares most of us who are not yet romanticized by his actions is that none of us know the source of his wealth. Secondly, his “thuggish” leadership style of branding guns, pimped cars and weird dressing tends to degrade the office he wishes to occupy.

We are in a dilemma and even if other candidates will avail themselves we will still be forced to either follow the words of Mae West, “when choosing between two evils, always try the one you have never tried or Charles Spurgeon, “ of two evils, choose neither. Thus the question that begets is which “lesser evil” of a leader will we choose?

Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki

Political Scientist


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