It’s that time when everyone is having a mental reflection of what they desire to achieve this year. Some are constructing mental prisons to lock in bad memories they went through in 2014 while others are hoping that the good Lord who gave them success in 2014, will renew His contract with them this year and make them prosper even more. Companies are now dusting off the visions and goals that they had drafted for 2015 with the target of achieving enormous profits. Families are drafting a new family constitution to enhance peace and harmony amongst the members, while wives are anxiously awaiting for their first “Chama” meetings so as to draft their own security bills on how to tame their rogue husbands and avoid any attack from the so called family terrorist ( clandestine lady) that had invaded their territories in 2014.

One way or the other we are all anticipating for some change, something drastic. Theologians may call it the divine touch where within a flash of a moment the blind will see, the lame start to walk and all the demons are cast away. It’s a good feeling and I hope we all get to experience this in our lives and more so for our country. Truth be told, 2014 has been the hardest year in our country. We experienced terror attacks from within and without. We lost many souls and our soils are drenched with innocent blood. We stripped each other naked both in public and on social media. We ended up awakening the demons of the Kisumu massacre (1969), Chuka massacre (1953), Garissa massacre (1980), Lari Massacre (1953), Wagalla massacre (1984), Turbi massacre (2005), ethnic clashes and the 2007/2008 post election violence.

Things were thick and it’s because we allowed our leaders to play politics with our lives and our economy. We almost experienced a religious war between the Muslims and the Christians as seen in Nigeria. we saw leaders standing before us spread negative ethnicity, dividing us between tribes and others without even a shame reprimanding God and telling Him if he chooses to take one of the leaders from their coalition party then He should also play politics and take another from the other coalition to make it even. We had totally lost it and all signs and symptoms indicated we were heading to the road of a failed state.

Fortunately, we are not yet a failed state and I know from the Presidency to the least one of us in this country, all desire for a better year despite it once again starting with deaths from falling of buildings and some under mysterious circumstances. So what may be the solution to all these sufferings or what should be our resolution as a country? In 2 chronicles 7:14 states “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

This is the only solution and resolution we need to implement as a country. We need to all repent for electing the wrong kind of leaders, for propagating hate speech in our social gatherings/ social media, for killing each other both physically and emotionally, for bribing, bad governance, for allowing fraud church leaders to mock God through their deeds and many more. Once we do this as a country, shall we be able to enjoy the fruits of love, Joy and peace in our beautiful country called Kenya. Also we will prosper socially, economically and politically. This is my resolution for this year for my county Kenya.
Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki
Political Scientist.


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