The Call for a Referendum is Valid.


For the past months there has been nothing much to write home about. Our News has been full of horrible stories. Families are being massacred from all corners of our country. Our economy especially the tourism industry is about to be crippled as a result of the attacks and for a matter of fact insecurity has become a national disaster. No one is safe anymore. We are on the verge of joining the likes of Somalia, South Sudan, and Nigeria where blasts have become the order of the day. In a country like Nigeria the government overlooked the threats from Boko haram and now the extremist/jihadist group moves around abducting school girls and raping them, abducting young boys and recruiting them as child soldiers into a cause they have no idea about. And so the questions that lingers; is our country going the same route as our war torn neighbouring countries? And is CORD Coalition making unnecessary noise on their call for a National dialogue or the Referendum?

Truth be told the events we are seeing in Mombasa and its neighbouring counties is a clear indication that we are heading down the route to destruction and we are going very fast. The call for a referendum from CORD Coalition is also absolutely necessary and it is not noise as some analyst may try to insinuate and this is why. Their lived a prominent investor and he had a passion for keeping fish. Unfortunately he became extremely busy and lost the passion of taking care of his fish. Over the days the aquarium became polluted and the decay and uneaten food were not well filtrated. The aquarium system clogged and it became a danger to his many gold fish. So one night the investor came home, fed his gold fish and immediately tucked himself in and slept. Unfortunately that night due to the clog in the aquarium there was a power surge and all the gold fish died.

When he woke up the next morning he found all his gold fish floating on top of the aquarium dead. The investor sat down on his bed and started pondering to himself these vital questions. Did his gold fish feel pain as the thermostat failed and heated the water? Did they scream for help and if they did, did he hear? The Government (Investor) is busy developing roads, railway and many other projects which are good and no one is protesting against that but in all of these achievements it has forgotten to take care of its citizens (fish) in terms of security. Now our country (aquarium) is experiencing pollution. These is in terms of terror attacks in our worship places, buses, streets, ethnic massacres/ tribal clashes, ethnic cleansing, land issues and many more.

As the government being led by President Uhuru sleeps on their job of ensuring there is security in our country, we the common citizens on the other hand are dying. The government may pretend they have not heard us but we have been screaming since the terror attacks started, we have been screaming since our security agents were ambushed and massacred in Baragoi, we have been screaming since extremist entered our places of worship and sprayed bullets killing innocent worshippers, we have been screaming since grenades were hurled in our buses and market places killing our innocent citizens. We screamed during the West Gate terror attack and now we have lost our voices.

The government keeps releasing press statements condemning the attacks but are they hearing the screams from all corners of the country? And if the government claims to hear why are we not seeing any major arrest and persecution of the criminals. Why is the president not sacking or making changes to the security organ he heads? As a country we are always praying for God’s protection and as the Holy Book tell us that whatever request we present to God it will not return void. We have lost our voices but God in his own magnificent way has raised the CORD Coalition to speak for us. It may not be the best option but God uses those who are ready to fulfil his purpose.

We may also say that the CORD Coalition has no agenda but they do have one, especially on this issue of insecurity and we may say that as a Country we are not ready for a referendum but should this fact prevent us from forcing the government to wake up and switch of the power to prevent the water from heating up? Should we close our eyes and pretend that nothing is wrong yet Kenyans are dying every single day from factors that can be prevented? I support the referendum because I love this great nation and I will not keep my eyes closed when I see it going to the ruins. I may have lost my voice and the government may pretend not to hear but one thing is clear my vote has not lost its voice. And it’s time to take back my sovereign authority and exercise it directly in a referendum.

Article by,
Dennis Mwaniki
Political Scientist


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