As human beings we tend to play the blame game. It is in our DNA and our founding parents Adam and Eve invented it. We are always quick to point out the speck in our brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in our own eyes. If today the African Union was to hold a session or conference on what is the cause of poverty in Africa, the entire continent will blame the colonial powers.  Whereas, the colonial governments if asked the same question they will simply blame Africans for their laziness, poor system of governance, corruption and so on. No one seems to take responsibility on anything.

Today as a country we are faced with insecurity issues. It’s has become a national disaster and no one seems to take any responsibility.  The question that lingers is, who should we blame? Should we blame the President; the man whom we all gave the powers, mandate and responsibility to ensure every Kenyan within and without our borders is protected and safe? A man who is constitutionally referred to as the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces? Should he be the one to be blamed for allowing poor structures and personnel within the police force? Or should we blame the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government? A man who has simply from day one in office exemplified the characteristics and nature of a “puppet”? A man who has shown that he has no clue on how the security apparatus operate and simply has no idea on what or how to perform his duties to ensure that the country is safe and that all personnel in charge of security are performing as expected.

Should we blame the Inspector General of police for failing in his job? Failing to issue proper and stern directives to his fellow officers? Failing to ensure that the police officers and the national intelligence service gather proper and accurate intelligence and act on it promptly by arresting and persecuting the criminals? Or should we blame the police officers for taking bribes and allowing our borders to be porous? Further on, should we blame the National Police Service Commission for not observing due process or exercise disciplinary control on appointing and transferring senior police officers? Whom should we really blame?

Should we blame the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for doing a lousyjob when it comes to prosecuting criminals, loosing and tampering with evidence hence leading to acquittals of many criminals who are not supposed to be part and parcel of our community? Or should we blame the judiciary for releasing terrorist suspects on bond? May be we need to blame our politicians who keep inciting us on tribal card, who keep calling for mass actions and rallies that incite and cause tension within our country, or politicians who use their influence and resources to pay off militia groups to kill their fellow Kenyans?

Lastly should we blame ourselves? I know many will say that security is not their responsibility but allow me to illustrate why we should blame ourselves. If today I am to give you a glass full of poison will you partake of it? Honestly no one will drink it. What if I dilute the poison with the sweetest juice, will you still partake of the drink? What if I took a glass full of juice and pour a drop of poison will you still drink it? I guess not. But to be honest we have poisoned our country using the drops of inciting texts, the negative tweets on social media from Kenyans on twitter and tribal hash tags, the negative and hatred chanting at public gatherings, the poison drops in terms of distributing out leaflets full of hate speech and threatening messages against another community. The question that still remains is, are poison drops from us the ones causing insecurity or is it the full glass of poison from the president, the politicians and those in charge of security?

Article by

Dennis Mwaniki

A Political Scientist



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