When former president Moi said that Kanu will rule for “100 years” many thought he was simply exemplifying the last kicks of a dying horse.  The opposition and other greedy politicians criticized him harshly. What they all forgot was that most of them were alumni of Moism School of politics. They teamed up and formed a coalition to prevent KANU from taking power under the leadership of Kibaki who was once a tutorial fellow in Moism School of politics. He was backed by Raila Odinga, an expelled caretaker who got his loans repaid just before he led a mass exodus of some students, when the then Principal (Moi) hand-picked one of the students (Uhuru) who had undergone a crash program graduating with a PHD in politics without going through the undergraduate and post-graduate program.      


In Moism School of politics the curriculum was not based on principles or values in chapter 6 of our constitution nor was it based on ideologies of good governance, performance/results oriented, honesty, etc. Instead, the curriculum was drafted and adopted to teach different ways of corruption and how to avoid being caught, intimidation and extrajudicial killings, under dealings, mistreatment and torture, detention without trial and land grabbing. Performance was measured by how good one is at siphoning funds from the public coffers and enriching themselves. This explains why there wasn’t any form of development that can be attached to the 24 year rule in the Moi’s regime other than the grand/mega corruptions that till to-date have not been resolved


KANU was rebranded to form a coalition known as Jubilee (A changed forest but the monkeys remained the same with few newborns). This Coalition is under the leadership of two alumni students of Moism School of politics. President Kenyatta attended a crash program designed for him alone and was able to miss some lessons while deputy president William Ruto was a border who attended all lessons even those taught during public holidays and was able to learn everything in the syllabus and also got an opportunity to do his practical lessons(YK 92).


This simply explains why one year down the line the two gentle-men ruling this great nation have nothing to show other than simple theatrics of holding hands, wearing uniform suits and the latest trick of reducing their own salaries by 20 % as a sign of reducing the gigantic wage bill which they will still recover in allowances and gratuity that they and their cabinet secretaries receive from trips and meetings. They have mastered the art of psychological manipulation and have conditioned us like the Pavlov dogs and when they move they make us move with them.


They have done this through the use of the VAT Bill making the cost of living to sky rocket, gagged the media, threaten most of the civil society by accusing them of coaching ICC witnesses and now the latest move to weaken the workers union COTU by forming its own puppet Union. All these clearly depict the prophetic words from the former president Moi and show his tactics at work.


As a country we will only develop once we break free from the chains of KANU influences and get a Moses kind of leader. Till then us as a country we will continue to go round the desert feeding on Manna in form of aids from foreign countries, experiencing the scorching sun in form of VAT Bill hence missing the opulence in the Promised Land where good system of governance is in place. If a Moses kind of leader is nowhere to be found then we can customize President Uhuru and send him to the Mountain with one order to come with his commandments (Manifesto) which he had sugar coated one year ago before assuming power. Then the second order is for him to implement it without fear or favor. Maybe then the Jubilee government will find themselves in the right track of development.


Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki,

Political Scientist


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