Westgate terror attack! These terrifying words embedded our TVs screens for an entire week. It was a painful and unforgettable day, when a few extremist and mentally disturbed individuals who have been brain washed by satanic and barbaric ideologies attacked one of our shopping malls. They sprayed bullets and hurled grenades to any individual whom they came across. They killed our men who were the protectors, providers in most homes, killed our lovely mothers and wives who were the care givers and pillars in our homes, killed our babies who brought bundles of joy and warmth and lastly killed our dear brothers and sisters who had a bright future ahead full of promises of being our future leaders. It was indeed a sad day for every Kenyan as the entire country was glued to our screens underwent a mental hostage situation in anticipation of what will happen next.

To the bereaved families, no amount of encouragement can fill that enormous void that was left by your loved ones, but one thing we promise as country to do is keep you in our daily prayers and I know our Almighty God will heal, comfort and give you peace of mind and see you through this dark and painful path in your lives. May the words of Job 13:15 that say, “Though he slays me, yet will I hope in Him; I will surely defend my ways to his face”, encourage you at this moment. To those who were held hostage and still traumatized, may our Almighty God give you peace that surpasses all human understanding.

As a country, these past weeks have surely defined the true meaning of what unity is. From the volunteers to our security agents who risked their lives to rescue and assist the injured and those held hostage irrespective of the color, race, religion, gender or age, we salute and will be forever indebted to them for their heroic and selfless demeanor. You demonstrated what civil maturity truly means. That not withstanding Kenyans came out in large numbers and offered assistance of any nature. From sharing their own breath of life through blood donation, offering food and beddings to those who were engaging the extremist, others offering financial assistance running to millions of shillings that will be used to off-set medical bills and lastly those who were unable to offer any of the said things gave the greatest gift of going down on their knees and whispered a word of prayer to those who were affected and for the country.

The devil thought he could divide our beloved country through the use of the extremists/terrorists but he failed and this sad incident brought us closer and united as a people under one Nation, one leadership and one God. We indeed became one. On social media the entire world witnessed our solemn vow through the hash tag slogan #WE ARE ONE. I am proud to be a Kenyan and I will never think of trading my Nationality for any other. Sadly another reality has hit me.

Fellow country men were these acts of unity simply a mere show of hypocrisy or were they a true picture of who we are as a country? Sadly to some it’s just a mere show. We become united when faced by external threat from the terrorist/ extremist but divided when our own local “extremist” best known to us as the “Waheshimiwa’s” / Politicians attack us. They may not use grenades but use words that terrorize our feelings making us kill each other, forcibly evict our brothers and sisters from their lands because they don’t belong to our tribe or ethnic group. We torture each other, destroy property and leave families in turmoil for the rest of their lives simply because our preferred politician has lost a seat or an election or our political party has not won an election.

Why do we allow our “local extremists” to divide us to a point of driving our own country to be classified as a failed state or banana republic? They spend our hard earned money manipulating our constitution for their own selfish interest, increase the living cost resulting to deaths simply because our time of living has been reduced due to the harsh economic environment we wake up to each day. So my beloved country men were the act of unity simply a mere show of hypocrisy or was it our own nature of being united? Let us always stand united despite our differences on any issue. My condolences to the bereaved families.

Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki

A Political Scientist


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