An Open Communiqué to Our Elected Leaders

Elections are over and losers are almost done with mourning and winners are in the process of taking oaths and affirmations of their respective positions/offices they vied for as I am about to. As a Kenyan by birth and nationality, holder of ID No.2518—-3 Wish to solemnly affirm that I will truly and diligently serve the people of Kenya, in full realization of the high calling I assume as a critic and analyst on leadership in Kenya; that I will diligently discharge my duties and perform my functions of analysis faithfully and bear true allegiance to my conscience and knowledge pertaining true governance, that I will obey, preserve, protect and defend our constitution, and to the best of my judgment; that I will at all times, when so required, faithfully and truly give my counsel and advice to the citizens of the Republic of Kenya; that I will do justice in criticizing/ analyzing all those in leadership without fear, favor, affection or ill-will; and that I will directly reveal such matters as shall come to my knowledge in the discharge of my duties and committed to No secrecy – so help me God.

Having taken my Oath of office I wish to go straight and handle my first business of addressing the Members of parliament, senators and the governors who are now agitating for an increment on their salaries and allowances and some going to the extent of introducing bills to such effect, and others tempted to disband the Salary and Remuneration commission. Your Honors, you remind me of most of the African dictators such as Charles Taylor of Liberia, Jean Bedel Bukasa of CAR, Kamuzi Banda of Malawi, Mobutu Sese Seko of Congo, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Hissene Habre of Chad, and the most notorious the likes of General Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Colonel Muammar Gaddaffi of Libya and lastly Idi Amin Dada the so called the “Butcher of Uganda”.

Most of all these Dictators came into power as leaders whose aim was to restore rule of law, they came as reformers and others liberators against colonial forces and leaders who oppressed their fellow country men. They were viewed as angels, kind leaders, gods, and others the face of what true leadership looks like – depicting true ideals of Pan Africanism. Unfortunately something went wrong immediately they took their oaths of office. They started siphoning funds from their countries’ coffers, intimidate and harass the public, while others going to the extent of assassinating any one who tried to critic their style of rule. Sadly most of these dictators died in mysterious ways, others died in exile, Colonel Gaddaffi died in a rat hole and Sani Abacha died in the comfort of Asian Prostitutes. Whichever the mode or style of their death a time had come for them to meet their maker as some of you will do at some point in your lives.

The unfortunate part is that when these dictators got to heaven they were told to wait for angel Gabriel at the reception desk. An SMS was immediately sent to Angel Gabriel who was in a meeting that some of Africa’s dictators were waiting to enter heaven. He immediately checked his iPad and stated that he had no record of them and maybe they should go downstairs to check with the devil. A hot email was sent downstairs and immediately a harsh correspondence came from the devil that even him, he had no record of them and that he didn’t want to see any of them near his kingdom. The devil went on to say that even though they were qualified enough to replace him as the Head of Hell; elections were not around the corner! It sad as this is what is going to happen to most of you M.P’s. Senators and Governors.

We have just ushered in the devolved system of government. A huge amount of revenue is required to ensure that things get moving and as per the financial year of 2008-2009 the wage bill was about 241 billion and 2012-2013 is 458 billion or so making it double the amount. As a country we are not able to sustain any pay rise for public servants. The donor countries we depend on such as USA their president ordered a 5% cut on his salary so as to channel the funds to ease unemployment rate. Get to work, open up your manifestos and start making the counties produce wealth for the country, reduce unemployment rate and boost the countries revenue collection, pass crucial bills that are going to stabilize the economy of the country, empower the youths and women to start both large and small scale business ventures and   maybe then shall we hear your grievances. Until then any increment will be an act of impunity and immoral.

Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki

A political Scientist


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