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Which Way Now Hon.Kalonzo Musyoka

As a very concerned Kenyan and a keen follower of what is happening in the political arena especially within our political parties wish to take this opportunity to address one of the Cord coalition leaders Hon.Steven Kalonzo Musyoka.

Sir, or should I call you Man Stevo, my brother in Christ? Whichever name you choose, allow me to address you using this public means of communication as I happen not to have the privilege of meeting you in person or attend any of your coalition strategic meetings in Naivasha that was meant to determine your political survival in the next 5 years or so. As a country we are greatly indebted to our creator for giving us a peaceful and a beautiful country with very splendid natural resources that comprises of both the flora and fauna. We also need to be grateful for the different gifts He has given us such as; the wildlife which has been and always will be a huge tourism attraction in our country. Within the wildlife, we have different animals and creatures such as the birds and to be more specific the Eagle.

I have done a study on different birds that we have and their traits. When I came across the Eagle I immediately thought about you. The eagle normally builds its nest mostly 0n tall trees or on high cliffs just the way you have build yourself politically and rose to the highest position as a vice president. Don’t get all excited because the eagle also lays two eggs, but the older, larger chick frequently kills its younger sibling once it has hatched and the parents takes no action to stop the killing. My apologies sir, but you have been “killed politically” by your elder brother Raila Odinga and we the Kenyan voters (“parents”) will only sit back and watch. Your coalition marriage was only meant for convenience and now its time is up.  Believe me deep down Raila’s heart he is craving to file a divorce with you because you are now a liability and this can be proven by him insisting on staying outside the system and concentrate on building his main party ODM despite the massive staged pressure from some of his sycophants.

Also when the eagle reaches the age of 30 years and above, their physical body condition tends to deteriorate making it experience some difficulty to survive. What excites me the most is that the eagle never gives up, what it does is that it retreats to the mountain top and for a period of five months or so of which in your case will be five years or less goes through a metamorphosis. It goes through a very painful and excruciating process of first knocking off its beak by banging it against a rock, plucks out its talons and then the feathers. During this period it is normally fed and protected by other eagles. Every stage it goes through a process of re – growth on every removed body parts takes place.

Sir, it is unfortunate but after being in politics for close to 28 years, you need to take time off and under go a political metamorphosis. You need to look back and take stock of your political life. Analyze the good and bad experience you have gone through as a political leader in this country. Firstly, you need to break your beak of having your followers lead you, and that’s why your lieutenants the likes of Hon. Muthama can stand and declare without your approval or consent that you are going to form a coalition with a political party and soon after you run to the press or public gatherings and deny those claims and a day after you sign a coalition deal with the same party and campaign half heartedly because deep down you are not comfortable.

Secondly, you need to remove your talons of trying to please every Kenyan and especially the Christians. Thirdly you need to pluck out the feathers of indecisiveness’ that has caused you to be labeled a “water melon”. Sir, as a leader their comes a time when the decision you take concerning a matter especially a national one may be unpopular to many and this is where your role as a leader get tested. Currently, no Kenyan trusts you and even those around you are just clinging on you for their own selfish gain.

Probably you are afraid of going into a political oblivion but we will let your political lieutenants to feed you on what is happening politically and once in a while, we will pick a few thoughts from you concerning how the Jubilee government is doing. Sun Tzu wrote in “The art of war”, “during a time of war any perfect general always knows when to advance and when to retreat.”It is time you retreat Hon. Steven Kalonzo Musyoka.

Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki

Political Scientist


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Museveni the last king of Africa.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is one of the longest serving African leaders. To some he is considered as a states man. Within the borders of his country and international he is a well known political figure and leader. A man loved by women because of his support on the issue of gender and women empowerment. He is a man with a strong character, an academician and a man who is loved by many and hated in equal measures.   He became president of the Republic of Uganda on January 26, 1986 after leading a successful five-year guerilla struggle against the regime of Milton Obote and Tito Okello. Before he took power Uganda was almost a failed state and to some it could have been considered or branded as a banana republic due to the former rule of the dictator Idi Amin and other leaders like Milton Obote. Uganda was constantly under war and all sort of vices were surrounding it. Corruption, abuse of human rights and social injustices were the order of the day.

But with Museveni’s rule he was able to unify the country under the National Resistance Movement and did manage to ensure peace and security for its people. This can be seen through his inaugural speech when he said that, “Every person in Uganda must have absolute security to live wherever he wants. Any individual or any group who threatens the security of our people must be smashed without mercy; the people of Uganda should die only from natural causes which are beyond our control…”

President Museveni also when he ascended to power, was a darling to many especially to the western community. He was seen as a true reformer, a man who would ensure that democracy and rule of law prevailed in Uganda, but as the saying goes, Power corrupts good Morals, a phrase that currently describes him best. He has tried to ensure that no other political party enjoys the popularity of the people and many opposition leaders have been intimidated through unwarranted arrest and other inhumane acts. He has developed and adopted the common behavior that most African leaders suffer from which is – “desire to want to rule for life”. This is clearly seen through rigging of elections, voter intimidation’s and changing the constitution to allow him to continue to govern for more terms. This is an act of dictatorship a system he had spend most of his life fighting against but ending up embracing it. With this form of leadership donor aid in Uganda has been cut by countries such as UK, Ireland and others like Norway.

 His former friend and physician Dr Kizza Besigye tried to hold a demonstration because of the high cost of living in Uganda, but Museveni ordered the police to brutally mis-handle Dr Besigye by beating him up resulting to his hospitalization at the Nairobi Hospital. This kind of act from a leader demonstrates that he not democratic enough to a point where he can let the opposition do their mandate of criticizing and being the watchdog of the government. But the question that keeps lingering is Museveni a states man or is he portraying a true image of a benevolent dictator?

During Uhuru Kenyatta’s inaugural day Museveni came out strongly criticizing the International criminal court as a court that is being manipulated by our big brothers to impose leaders of their choice to the African people. To him the court is more of a tool used to advocate for neo-colonialism than a court that seeks justice. As citizens were cheering Museveni for his strong remarks towards our big brothers, His counter part President Bob was the most excited man and if given a chance he would have donated half of His wealth to him but the man who I do believed must have rolled on his grave and stood up in honor of Museveni’s words is the Late colonel Muammar Gaddaffi of Libya who whispered softly, “Finally I have a leader who will replace me as the King of Africa.”

Allow me to play the devils advocate and categorically state that for Africa to break away from International interference on its systems of government and affairs we truly need leaders like Museveni. Leaders who will stand up and tell the western Countries that enough is enough and that they should learn to respect the Africans, their system of government, the choices they make, and that every African country is a sovereign state and needs total and absolute respect. The African Union needs to make a point of visiting Museveni for some tips on how it can take up its lost mantle to enable it play its big role in ensuring that Africa as a continent is respected and given a chance to play its role in the global system as a partner and not a subordinate.

Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki,

A Political Scientist

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An Open Communiqué to Our Elected Leaders

Elections are over and losers are almost done with mourning and winners are in the process of taking oaths and affirmations of their respective positions/offices they vied for as I am about to. As a Kenyan by birth and nationality, holder of ID No.2518—-3 Wish to solemnly affirm that I will truly and diligently serve the people of Kenya, in full realization of the high calling I assume as a critic and analyst on leadership in Kenya; that I will diligently discharge my duties and perform my functions of analysis faithfully and bear true allegiance to my conscience and knowledge pertaining true governance, that I will obey, preserve, protect and defend our constitution, and to the best of my judgment; that I will at all times, when so required, faithfully and truly give my counsel and advice to the citizens of the Republic of Kenya; that I will do justice in criticizing/ analyzing all those in leadership without fear, favor, affection or ill-will; and that I will directly reveal such matters as shall come to my knowledge in the discharge of my duties and committed to No secrecy – so help me God.

Having taken my Oath of office I wish to go straight and handle my first business of addressing the Members of parliament, senators and the governors who are now agitating for an increment on their salaries and allowances and some going to the extent of introducing bills to such effect, and others tempted to disband the Salary and Remuneration commission. Your Honors, you remind me of most of the African dictators such as Charles Taylor of Liberia, Jean Bedel Bukasa of CAR, Kamuzi Banda of Malawi, Mobutu Sese Seko of Congo, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Hissene Habre of Chad, and the most notorious the likes of General Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Colonel Muammar Gaddaffi of Libya and lastly Idi Amin Dada the so called the “Butcher of Uganda”.

Most of all these Dictators came into power as leaders whose aim was to restore rule of law, they came as reformers and others liberators against colonial forces and leaders who oppressed their fellow country men. They were viewed as angels, kind leaders, gods, and others the face of what true leadership looks like – depicting true ideals of Pan Africanism. Unfortunately something went wrong immediately they took their oaths of office. They started siphoning funds from their countries’ coffers, intimidate and harass the public, while others going to the extent of assassinating any one who tried to critic their style of rule. Sadly most of these dictators died in mysterious ways, others died in exile, Colonel Gaddaffi died in a rat hole and Sani Abacha died in the comfort of Asian Prostitutes. Whichever the mode or style of their death a time had come for them to meet their maker as some of you will do at some point in your lives.

The unfortunate part is that when these dictators got to heaven they were told to wait for angel Gabriel at the reception desk. An SMS was immediately sent to Angel Gabriel who was in a meeting that some of Africa’s dictators were waiting to enter heaven. He immediately checked his iPad and stated that he had no record of them and maybe they should go downstairs to check with the devil. A hot email was sent downstairs and immediately a harsh correspondence came from the devil that even him, he had no record of them and that he didn’t want to see any of them near his kingdom. The devil went on to say that even though they were qualified enough to replace him as the Head of Hell; elections were not around the corner! It sad as this is what is going to happen to most of you M.P’s. Senators and Governors.

We have just ushered in the devolved system of government. A huge amount of revenue is required to ensure that things get moving and as per the financial year of 2008-2009 the wage bill was about 241 billion and 2012-2013 is 458 billion or so making it double the amount. As a country we are not able to sustain any pay rise for public servants. The donor countries we depend on such as USA their president ordered a 5% cut on his salary so as to channel the funds to ease unemployment rate. Get to work, open up your manifestos and start making the counties produce wealth for the country, reduce unemployment rate and boost the countries revenue collection, pass crucial bills that are going to stabilize the economy of the country, empower the youths and women to start both large and small scale business ventures and   maybe then shall we hear your grievances. Until then any increment will be an act of impunity and immoral.

Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki

A political Scientist

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Moi’s “White smoke prophesy|”

Pope Benedict XVI shocked many when he resigned from papacy. This was not an ordinary move as most of us grew up knowing that a new pope is always elected when the predecessors have passed on. But most shocking was to the most African leaders who have made their presidency to be a life time affair and for them whether they are re- elected or not a white smoke always appears due to massive rigging and manipulation of the electoral process. As I am told the process of electing a new pope is normally done 15 days after the predecessor has died, or resigned. The Camerlingo assembles the College of Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City and the official voting is done in a process called “conclave literally” meaning “with key” by cardinals who are sworn to absolute secrecy. (Vote by secret ballot)

The cardinals pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and voting normally takes place every morning and afternoon and a two- thirds majority plus one is required for election for the first 30 ballots. After that, a simple majority is required. After each vote, they burn the ballots and add special chemicals to make the smoke white or black. A black smoke means no new pope yet while white smoke announces that a new pope has been elected. This system perpetuates democracy in church even though it is only limited to a few (Cardinals) who make the choice on behalf of the massive Catholic followers.

This system at Vatican closely resembles how our electoral system is, especially under the constitution that was overwhelmingly voted for. The only difference is that while as the Cardinals are guided by the Holy Spirit we Kenyans are normally guided by the tribal and ethnic affiliation, more so the predecessor doesn’t get a chance to name his successor like how the Former president Moi did in 2002 elections. Moi the self proclaimed Professor of politics long term reign came to an end mostly not out of free will as some school of thought may try to suggest but it was mostly out of both internal (citizens) and external (international community) pressure.

Moi before taking his last bow in active politics told Kenyans that he had searched his soul, reflected and prayed and that the only man he could endorse as the “Kenyan Pope” is Uhuru Kenyatta who was still very immature and a toddler in the Kenyan politics. But Moi stood his ground and went ahead to campaign for him but his dream was crushed by an overwhelmingly vote to President Kibaki a clear sign that the Cardinal’s (Voters) have spoken and its time Moi and his reign came to an end. A black smoke was seen at “Vatican’s” state house chimney and the former president Moi had no choice but to retire to his kabarak home.

The former president never gave up on his dream and his prophecy of Uhuru becoming the president in Kenya. Every morning and afternoon for a period of 10 years he would cast his vote at his kabarak home and mostly a black smoke continued to appear. Once in a while when he gets a chance like the way he did during the burial of the Former defence Minister and his long time friend Njenga Karume he would throw one or two statements to endorse Uhuru as the next leader and when he retires back to his Kabarak home he would cast his daily vote which he burns and a black smoke appears.  I do believe this is something that the former president has done over and over again until recently during the general election where he was the first person to cast his vote at the polling station.

During the provisional results tally at Bomas of Kenya, in Moi’s heart and mind a white smoke was emerging. It was a sweet smelling white smoke of victory that had been awaited for since 2002. In his mind he was giving thanks to the Holy Spirit for finally agreeing with his 2002 preferred choice of leader but that was short lived as immediately the IEBC announced Uhuru as the President-elect the Cord coalition and Africog poured a wrong chemical through filing a petition that almost resulted to a black smoke. No sooner had the black smoke emerged than the petition was rejected by an unanimous vote by the supreme court and finally the Former president Moi can sit comfortably outside his house and whisper gently, “at last, at last I can see the white smoke “.

Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki.

A Political Scientist.

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