Uhuru’s Presidency, a good thing or a bad thing?

There was an old Merchant who had one son and a donkey. The donkey was his only source of wealth. Both the old merchant and his son really loved the donkey as it helped them carry things from one place to another, helped in tilling the land or any other heavy chores around their homestead. Due to old age the donkey died and the villagers all came to mourn with the old merchant and his son. In that process of grieving the old merchant kept asking himself this question is it a “good thing” or a “bad thing” for the donkey to die. A few weeks later they managed to buy another donkey and all villagers came back to celebrate with them. The old merchant kept quite and asked himself the same question, is it good thing or a bad thing. Sadly one morning the Old merchant and the son woke up and found the donkey had run away. The villagers upon hearing the sad news gathered amongst themselves and came to the old merchant homestead to console him and his son. The old man kept quite and all he did was to ask himself was this a “good thing” or a “bad thing”?

A few days later the donkey surprisingly returned home with other wild donkeys. The villagers upon hearing this great news came again to celebrate with the old merchant and his son. The old merchant kept asking himself the same question is it a “good thing” or a “bad thing”? The son was so excited to see the many donkeys at their homestead and one afternoon he decided to ride one of the donkeys. Since he had no experience as a rider he fell from the donkey and broke his leg. Having become the norm the villagers came to console the old merchant and the old Merchant kept asking himself was this a “good thing” or a “bad thing”? Suddenly the country was going to war and every able bodied man was required to join the army. When the army recruiters came to the old merchants homestead they found the young boy with a broken leg and they left him and proceeded to recruit other young men. The old merchant asked himself once again was it a “good thing” or a “bad thing”?

Uhuru Kenyatta’s political career and journey tend to have some similarities with the old merchants story and its worth asking the same question, is it a good thing or a bad thing. In 2002 the former president Moi picked him among all the “red – eyed” boys who were in KANU including the likes of Musalia Mudavadi, William Ruto, Kalonzo Musyoka and the likes. Kenyatta was endorsed unopposed as Kanu’s presidential torch bearer. All his friends and enemies celebrated with him. After the elections Uhuru was defeated and conceded to President Kibaki. Without a doubt his friends and neighbors went to console him.  In 2005 his chairmanship in Kanu was challenged by Biwott the self proclaimed “total man”. He managed to defeat him maintained his position as chairman. His friends gathered to rejoice with him and in his mind I do believe he asked himself was it a “good a thing” or a “bad thing”?

In 2007 general election he backed president Kibaki for a re-election which ended in violence and according to the Kriegler’s led commission it was difficult to determine the outcome of the elections. After the Serena negotiations and establishment of the grand coalition government Uhuru was appointed as one of the first deputy prime-ministers. His friends gathered to celebrate with him but unfortunately the celebrations were short lived as Ocampo named Uhuru as an indirect co – perpetrators of the post election violence. His neighbors and friends came to console him. Were these events a “good thing” or a “bad thing”?

Recently Uhuru was elected as president waiting to take the oath of office depending on the out come of the petition which has been filed by the Cord coalition at the Supreme Court. Whatever the outcome Uhuru might be the 4th president as many voters voted for him and will vote for him due to empathy and also due to the equation of tyranny of numbers as per the registered voters in his Jubilee coalition strong holds. The western countries have not yet publicly endorsed Uhuru Kenyatta as president elect and some are threatening to put sanctions challenging our sovereignty as a country and our free will to elect a leader of our choice.

Whatever the case history will ask us this question, is Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency a good thing or a bad thing?

Article by

Dennis Mwaniki

A political scientist


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