It is with utmost humility and pleasure to extend my warm and heartfelt appreciation to my fellow country men who overwhelmingly demonstrated their undivided patriotic love for this great Nation. This is a letter to every man and woman, young and old, rich or poor, sick or healthy, black or white who came out on 4th March 2013 to exercise their right of franchise. Special appreciation goes out to the Kenyan women our grandmother’s, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters you all made this country proud by leaving your noble daily chores and turn out in large numbers and stand in long queues for hours so as to speak with a loud voice that you are no longer a marginalized group.

 To the women who were so brave enough to bring their children I salute you even more, despite to some it was a well orchestrated strategy to cut the long queues and at some point I almost requested the lady in front of me to get in that same spirit of motherhood and carry me on her back so as to cut the long queues because most of the kids you brought along were big enough to vote come the next general elections. You all demonstrated patience and resilience as some of you stood for long hours and others as told slept in polling centre’s so as to be among the first to cast their votes.

The media fraternity you made this election worth a good experience. The level of professionalism, sacrifice and dedication demonstrated was amicable. When everything seemed to be going wrong and the patience of the Kenyans seemed to be placed on the weigh scale you were able to calm our nerves by ensuring streaming of results was credible and transparent. You all demonstrated that professional journalism has come of age in our country.

To the international media as a country we truly appreciate your presence and support during this historical moment. I know most of you came prepared to cover violent activity and even came prepared with bullet proof vest, respirator mask just in case tear gas are thrown at you, ready made screaming headlines that would make Satan look like an armature, micro-cameras that would make running less tiring and very expensive life insurance covers. I hope none of you used these advisory security measures and that your stay was cozy enough and indeed on your way back you managed to pass through our beautiful game reserves/park and made a few beautiful stories here and there.

The Issack Hassan led commission we appreciate the work you did despite the many hitches of technology and everything that seemed to go wrong went wrong. We understand that it was your first time to be in the hot kitchen to prepare a huge meal for many and evidently for a first timer a burnt and uncooked meal is inevitable but we have to commend you for a good job and when you are done with the law suit filed by the Cord coalition or any other aggrieved politician and the country is back to its normalcy we as a people will ask very hard questions concerning the BVR Kits that we spent billions of shilling to acquire.

To those who were in the race and managed to win I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your victory and I hope by now you know that we Kenyans are no longer enticed by violent activities but we are still divided on ethnic lines, crucial issues such as land, poverty, illiteracy, poor governance, and your work now is clearly cut out through restoring this country back and start working to ensure good governance is in place, the country is united and all systems are in place. For those who lost take heart and know that in fives years time we will go through the same process but in the mean time take a clear evaluation of what you did not do well and what issues that citizens in various constituencies wanted you to address were not well articulated in your manifestos.

Lastly I wish to commend our security agencies for a job well done. You managed to ensure that security was in place and also your presence never caused any intimidation. Although in a few isolated places we had issues you did manage to curb most potential problems. To our brave police men who lost their lives in Mombasa I wish to pass my condolence to their families and may the Almighty Lord rest their souls in eternal peace.

Kenyans lets go back to work and let’s make Kenya a beautiful and peaceful place to be.

Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki

Political Scientist




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  1. Good one Mwanicki! LOVE! Reblogged your press release!

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