“Moses” or “Pharaoh” the choice is yours?

In a few days time we the Kenya people will gather together and echo in unison the words of Martin Luther King jr, “free at last, free at last, thank God we are free at last.” This words can only be possible if we the Kenya people including the “Pharaoh’s” who are flying from one county to another in their branded choppers and aircraft giving false promises on how they will improve our roads which they don’t use, come together and know the importance of this coming election and that Kenya is bigger than any individual. We are all fighting a fight that is common to all of us against an enemy that is still common to all of us. The enemy of corruption, impunity, negative ethnicity e.t.c

As a country since independence in every five years God in His own magnificent and kind nature goes out of His own free will and delegate a huge responsibility to us. He presents to us the choice of a “Moses” kind of leader the one who will deliver us from slavery and take us to the “promised land” where investments and development will take place, where security will be at its best, where the health sector will ensure that every Kenyan can be able to afford the right quality of treatment and that our children are able to get the best education with all systems put in place or a “Pharaoh” kind of leader who will ensure that civil disobedience, negative ethnicity, post elections violence  becomes the nature of the day. Democracy at it best nature.

Today I wish to address my “fellow slaves” both young who see visions and old who still dream, dreams and say that, “ we have been in “Egypt” a land described in the Holy book as a land of slavery for too long. We were once rule by “white pharaohs” whom, our fore fathers managed to liberate us from their rule and when we thought we were on our way to the “promised land” something happened before we reached the “red sea”. The “black pharaohs” took power. Those who happen to look like us, who come from the same regions we come from, those who speak the same dialect as we do, those who know where we have come from and those who only care for us whenever we approach elections”.  Both this groups of pharaoh have one thing in common. They both know how to divide us because they know when we come together as “slaves” we will be able to liberate ourselves from their manipulations and utopia kind of promises they give us.

These can be seen by them using opinion polls that have already divided us, political propaganda of who is holier than the other and also going to an extent of using one arm of government to intimidate independent commissions and other arms of government. Others have already started issuing press statements claiming that rigging is taking place yet none of them has produced concrete evidence on these serious allegations. The “black Pharaohs” are doing everything possible to clinch power using us as bait and then forget us. We need to come together and advocate for a “revolution”. A “MENTAL REVOLUTION” where our ideology is that of non – violent movement. Where tribalism is not our outfit and where peace and harmony is our common slogan. When we advocate for this then we will serve our “black Pharaohs” with a “plague” that will sting them and they will have no option other than to let us go to the “promised land” as a united people.

For those “slaves” like me who have stopped walking with their Identification cards/passport in fear of loosing them or afraid of any one knowing we posses them should know that we have nothing to fear but fear itself and come next week Monday March 4th we should all produce them and march to every “Mountain top” (polling station) and cast our votes overwhelmingly and peacefully to a “Moses” kind of leader singing free at last, free at last, thank God we are free at last. Should there be a run – off let us maintain the same gusto and just keep in mind we are crossing the “red sea” and the “promised land” a free, peaceful and developed Kenya is our final destiny.

Article by,

Dennis Mwaniki,

A Political Scientist


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