“Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country,” (John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States of America.) These are the words that should be on the lips, hearts and soul of every electorate in Kenya at a time like this. Within a period of less than one and a half months or so we will be going to the polls to elect leaders from different political parties, ethnic grouping, religious affiliation and also different gender. This group of men and women will act as radar’s and they are going to be in charge of directing this big ship called Kenya either to the calm and peaceful sea of growth and development or the stormy sea of civil disobedience and under development.

Today I wish to compel my fellow country men and women to rise up to the occasion and abide to the call of serving their great country through exercising their given democratic right that has been embedded in our constitution which is the right to vote and choosing the right caliber of leaders. This can be done through first and for most, we as the electorate have to examine ourselves with much keenness and macho as to whether we are able to lead our selves  with integrity and honesty or whether we are of good moral character, good sound mind and that our intelligence compass is pointing on the right directions. This is because leaders happen to be a reflection of who they represent. If fore instance we elect hooligans and stone throwing leaders in office then we shouldn’t cast a spatial on them because they simply are a reflection of who we really are as a people.

Secondly, we need to exercise maturity in our politics. We need to cultivate the culture of respect and learn that our views alone should not be the only brilliant idea but we need to be open and listen to the other peoples ideas, views and debates and where we disagree lets air our concerns with love and respect. Thus whether we happen to belong in Jubilee coalition, Amani coalition, Cord coalition, Eagle coalition or any other parties that are active we can thus be able to relate with each other in peace and harmony during and after the election. We need to ensure that there is total peace and tranquility in this country during and after the elections and the institutions that have been set up such as the Registrar of political parties, IEBC, National police service commission should ensure that the laws which govern the electoral process are implemented to the letter.

Thirdly, we need to scrutinize our leaders; we need to interrogate them in depth to know what their real motives are and what issues/agenda in particular do they stand for . Let them sell their policies and also let us judge them by their track records. We should not elect leaders because they happen to belong to our ethnic group or because they are popular or depict flamboyance in dressing, use of flowery and beautiful words and promises during campaigns. This should not be the common denominators we use to determine their credibility for electing them. We should raise the bar and shun away from inflammatory and incite full political propaganda and grant attention only too the leaders who are committed to implement the constitution to the letter and ensure growth of Counties under the devolved system of government.

Lastly this goes to the religious class and in particular the faithful women in our country. You need to stop praying for these politicians. Stop asking God to give them strength or wisdom but rather start praying for true leaders. What this country need is the right quality and breed of leaders who understand where this country has come from and where it need’s to be. Leaders whom in them posses the fear of the lord, and who will not compromise the future of this country due to selfish gain. Leaders, who are going to ensure investors feel safe and secure, ensure that the citizens can be able to enjoy the basic social amenities, ensure that vision 2030 is achieved and that critical development such as the construction of roads and projects such as the Konza Techno city and many others are implemented.

When we do these simple requirements for our country then come March 4th the angels will sing in unison, “well done good and faithful servants”.

Article by

Dennis Mwaniki

A political Scientist


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