MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN. This is the inscription written by God on the wall to address King Belshazzar. MENE means-God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end, TEKEL; you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting, PERES; your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians. (Daniel 5:25-28). I hope this inscription will not be written on the walls of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries commission and the Inspector- General of police come March 4th 2013.

A few days ago our beloved country and especially the political parties underwent a vital democratic process. As a country we are in the year of Jubilee. We are celebrating 50 years meaning by now we are supposed to be exercising the highest form of maturity in any democratic process we engaged in and also carry out mature politics of policy not hatred and violence. We are supposed to be united as a family and not to still be subscribing to trivial and cheap political gimmicks of ethnicity or tribalism. We are meant to be in the process of sending space ships and astronauts, be in the process of launching hi-tech invention such as robots to act as home based servants, and be in the process of discovering different ways of expanding the horticulture industry, financial industry and manufacturing industry. I mean by now we are supposed to be the leading export country in Africa and also be offering loans and donor funds to our neighboring countries.

Unfortunately none of this has been achieved and all we have been doing and still doing is fighting hunger and jiggers, because of such shameful and immoral acts we saw during the recent party primaries. The process that was carried out by different political parties was an abuse to any country such as ours that claim to be democratic. It was an act of not only civil disobedience but a political coup d’état in broad day light to our constitution that as a country we find our pride in. First and for most, the political parties were never ready for these process. Ballot boxes and papers were not delivered on time; the parties register was a fraud, there was no civil education on how to carry out the entire process and also proper mapping of polling stations. Aspirants who have mastered the art of rigging became creative and had there own polling stations with their own polling boxes and papers and some ended up getting the nominations.

Some aspirants started to plot creative ways of eliminating their competitors through acts of abductions and use of threats and violence. Others even went to an extent of using their own funds to print posters showing a different party the competitor is vying for and others even producing fake documents so as to clinch the party nomination. Worse was what was seen in Siaya County where youths were transported to a polling station in matatu’s inside carrying all sorts of crude weapons such as machetes and “Rungus”. Rigging became a virtue and all those who lost their bid in the major political parties rushed to small unknown parties where business was booming to buy direct party nominations which were being sold like air time.

The entire process was a sham and the Independent Electoral and boundaries commission and the Inspector – General of police should know that where there is smoke, there is fire and they should take swift and necessary precaution to avert what might happen come March 4th 2013. As a country we are still nursing the painful acts of violence that we went through after the post election violence of 2007/2008 and some of our Kinsmen are still languishing in tents. We still have cases at the international criminal court to establish who the real perpetrators of the violence were and clearly it seems we are suffering from selective amnesia.

I don’t wish to become the prophet of doom but to the IEBC get your acts together and ensure come March 4th everything that is required to ensure a free and fair elections is in place and all materials are right on time to prevent any tension that may arise from delays and to the Inspector – General of police start preparing your house and ensure that security is available during this time of elections and even after elections lest what we saw in the elections of 2007will definitely be a dress rehearsal and MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN will surely be written on your walls.

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