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“Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country,” (John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States of America.) These are the words that should be on the lips, hearts and soul of every electorate in Kenya at a time like this. Within a period of less than one and a half months or so we will be going to the polls to elect leaders from different political parties, ethnic grouping, religious affiliation and also different gender. This group of men and women will act as radar’s and they are going to be in charge of directing this big ship called Kenya either to the calm and peaceful sea of growth and development or the stormy sea of civil disobedience and under development.

Today I wish to compel my fellow country men and women to rise up to the occasion and abide to the call of serving their great country through exercising their given democratic right that has been embedded in our constitution which is the right to vote and choosing the right caliber of leaders. This can be done through first and for most, we as the electorate have to examine ourselves with much keenness and macho as to whether we are able to lead our selves  with integrity and honesty or whether we are of good moral character, good sound mind and that our intelligence compass is pointing on the right directions. This is because leaders happen to be a reflection of who they represent. If fore instance we elect hooligans and stone throwing leaders in office then we shouldn’t cast a spatial on them because they simply are a reflection of who we really are as a people.

Secondly, we need to exercise maturity in our politics. We need to cultivate the culture of respect and learn that our views alone should not be the only brilliant idea but we need to be open and listen to the other peoples ideas, views and debates and where we disagree lets air our concerns with love and respect. Thus whether we happen to belong in Jubilee coalition, Amani coalition, Cord coalition, Eagle coalition or any other parties that are active we can thus be able to relate with each other in peace and harmony during and after the election. We need to ensure that there is total peace and tranquility in this country during and after the elections and the institutions that have been set up such as the Registrar of political parties, IEBC, National police service commission should ensure that the laws which govern the electoral process are implemented to the letter.

Thirdly, we need to scrutinize our leaders; we need to interrogate them in depth to know what their real motives are and what issues/agenda in particular do they stand for . Let them sell their policies and also let us judge them by their track records. We should not elect leaders because they happen to belong to our ethnic group or because they are popular or depict flamboyance in dressing, use of flowery and beautiful words and promises during campaigns. This should not be the common denominators we use to determine their credibility for electing them. We should raise the bar and shun away from inflammatory and incite full political propaganda and grant attention only too the leaders who are committed to implement the constitution to the letter and ensure growth of Counties under the devolved system of government.

Lastly this goes to the religious class and in particular the faithful women in our country. You need to stop praying for these politicians. Stop asking God to give them strength or wisdom but rather start praying for true leaders. What this country need is the right quality and breed of leaders who understand where this country has come from and where it need’s to be. Leaders whom in them posses the fear of the lord, and who will not compromise the future of this country due to selfish gain. Leaders, who are going to ensure investors feel safe and secure, ensure that the citizens can be able to enjoy the basic social amenities, ensure that vision 2030 is achieved and that critical development such as the construction of roads and projects such as the Konza Techno city and many others are implemented.

When we do these simple requirements for our country then come March 4th the angels will sing in unison, “well done good and faithful servants”.

Article by

Dennis Mwaniki

A political Scientist


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MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN. This is the inscription written by God on the wall to address King Belshazzar. MENE means-God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end, TEKEL; you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting, PERES; your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians. (Daniel 5:25-28). I hope this inscription will not be written on the walls of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries commission and the Inspector- General of police come March 4th 2013.

A few days ago our beloved country and especially the political parties underwent a vital democratic process. As a country we are in the year of Jubilee. We are celebrating 50 years meaning by now we are supposed to be exercising the highest form of maturity in any democratic process we engaged in and also carry out mature politics of policy not hatred and violence. We are supposed to be united as a family and not to still be subscribing to trivial and cheap political gimmicks of ethnicity or tribalism. We are meant to be in the process of sending space ships and astronauts, be in the process of launching hi-tech invention such as robots to act as home based servants, and be in the process of discovering different ways of expanding the horticulture industry, financial industry and manufacturing industry. I mean by now we are supposed to be the leading export country in Africa and also be offering loans and donor funds to our neighboring countries.

Unfortunately none of this has been achieved and all we have been doing and still doing is fighting hunger and jiggers, because of such shameful and immoral acts we saw during the recent party primaries. The process that was carried out by different political parties was an abuse to any country such as ours that claim to be democratic. It was an act of not only civil disobedience but a political coup d’état in broad day light to our constitution that as a country we find our pride in. First and for most, the political parties were never ready for these process. Ballot boxes and papers were not delivered on time; the parties register was a fraud, there was no civil education on how to carry out the entire process and also proper mapping of polling stations. Aspirants who have mastered the art of rigging became creative and had there own polling stations with their own polling boxes and papers and some ended up getting the nominations.

Some aspirants started to plot creative ways of eliminating their competitors through acts of abductions and use of threats and violence. Others even went to an extent of using their own funds to print posters showing a different party the competitor is vying for and others even producing fake documents so as to clinch the party nomination. Worse was what was seen in Siaya County where youths were transported to a polling station in matatu’s inside carrying all sorts of crude weapons such as machetes and “Rungus”. Rigging became a virtue and all those who lost their bid in the major political parties rushed to small unknown parties where business was booming to buy direct party nominations which were being sold like air time.

The entire process was a sham and the Independent Electoral and boundaries commission and the Inspector – General of police should know that where there is smoke, there is fire and they should take swift and necessary precaution to avert what might happen come March 4th 2013. As a country we are still nursing the painful acts of violence that we went through after the post election violence of 2007/2008 and some of our Kinsmen are still languishing in tents. We still have cases at the international criminal court to establish who the real perpetrators of the violence were and clearly it seems we are suffering from selective amnesia.

I don’t wish to become the prophet of doom but to the IEBC get your acts together and ensure come March 4th everything that is required to ensure a free and fair elections is in place and all materials are right on time to prevent any tension that may arise from delays and to the Inspector – General of police start preparing your house and ensure that security is available during this time of elections and even after elections lest what we saw in the elections of 2007will definitely be a dress rehearsal and MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN will surely be written on your walls.

Article by,


A Political Scientist

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Recently I found myself watching a Movie titled the Dictator. The lead actor was a man referred to as Admiral General Aladeen. He was bestowed as the Supreme leader of a Country known as” Wadiya” and he was protected by female guards whom he claimed were virgins. The supreme leader hosted his only invented Olympics and won all the games by shooting other competitors and won him self 14 gold medals. He changed the meaning of words in the dictionary and both words (positive and negative) became Aladeen. So if you happen to go for a HIV/AIDS test whichever the out come the result will be “HIV Aladeen”. He declared himself as the chief Surgeon and he couldn’t distinguish between a cartoon character from a real documentary and his greatest advice came from a Cartoon character he called Prof.Popeye.

To him dictatorship was the best form of rule where you as a leader could, let 1% of the people control the wealth of the nation by helping them get richer through cutting their taxes and bailing them out when they gamble and loose their wealth, by ignoring the needs of the people, their education and health care, by letting the media appear free but secretly be controlled by one person and his family, by rigging elections and lie why you go to war and fill the prisons with one racial group and no one will complain and also use the media to scare people to support policies that are against their interest. To him democracy is best described as hairy armpits.

At some point I came to the realization why our Kenya leaders and mostly our politicians behave the way they do. They tend to use these kinds of movies as their official syllabus and curriculum. They have studied the entire script and when we elect them they start to practically acting them out. For starters when every Kenyan pays full tax including tax deductions from their allowances the Members of parliament who happen to be classified as 1% of the people who control the wealth don’t see the need for paying taxes because they have many needs such as attending funeral services for their constituent leaving us to wonder whether those who have been bereaved have no needs.

This group of politicians has learnt the art of greed and pure selfishness. When different professions such as the Medic, The teachers and security agents go on strike because of poor remuneration and lack of sufficient equipments to facilitate them to effectively discharge their duties they are simply ignored by this law makers who simply say there is no money. When fellow Kenyans die in hospital due to lack of attendance the so called politicians they see this as simply collateral damage. When our security agents are slaughtered in Baragoi and their bodies left to decompose as wild animals none of these leaders come out to comfort or even condemn this act of inhumane. Those who try to show interest are simply doing this so that they may get sympathy from the electorate and hopefully get re-elected.

Recently in parts of Tana Delta communities have turned against each other and they keep killing each other as if it’s a new game they have invented. Our so called politicians who are supposed to ensure their constituents and Kenya as a whole is secure enough are busy campaigning and one of their manifesto they go round propagating is security for all. Yet none of them is willing to practically offer a real solution to these insecurities menace in Kenyan. All they do and keep doing is simply lips service.

To them dictatorship is not just a word or form of rule but simply a lifestyle. That is why they feel nothing when they rob us our tax payer’s money and granting themselves hefty gratuity. They want to be paid 9.3 million each, given security and a chauffer, state burial, diplomatic passport for their wives and themselves, VIP treatment yet they have nothing to show why they deserve this. They have spend most their time making deals of who to get what, how, when and terrorizing our constitution which we overwhelmingly voted for. They pass watered down laws and policies which they themselves have drafted so as to suit their own selfish and dictatorial interest. One thing Kenyans should know is that even those who claim not to support the so called Retirement Benefits (Deputy President and Designated state officers) Bill 2012 are just simply playing politics but deep within their souls they are in total support of it.

Finally to all the Members of parliament and designate elected members of parliament, senator, governors, various elected representatives politics is not a form of Investment or retirement lounge but it is a form of institution that is critical to changing the lives of the Kenyan electorates.

Article By,
Dennis Mwaniki,

Political Scientist.

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