The past one week or so we have all witnessed a dynamic political shift from the old political process we all grew up knowing to a new one constituting of political coalitions. We were used to a political party nominating a presidential candidate who then goes ahead and compete with other candidates to clinch the presidency. That is what has been happening not only here in Kenya but around the world. The process might have been democratic but most of the time it wasn’t but still that was the rule of the political game and we loved it. But this new shift didn’t get me by surprise as we Kenyans do have a talent of inventing new things even if these new ideologies and practices are meant to ruin us. History will remember us as being among the first African countries to form a government based on coalition agreement, and truth be told we have indeed paid a big price for it.

The price we the low class citizens have paid and still paying is seen through delay in implementing crucial government policies, constituting and forming crucial commission bodies, fighting corruption and impunity, ensuring a fundamental right which is freedom and security of the people and right to life is protected and provided. The list is endless and all these fundamental issues couldn’t be achieved because one side of the coalition couldn’t agree with the other side. We became a country at ransom by the same leaders whom we voted for. To them a virtue was a vice and a vice a virtue. Shockingly we imported the same system of government to our colonial masters and whispered to some of the “dictatorial African leaders” a new way of staying in power even after the electorates voted them out of office.

Fellow Kenyans do we still want to go through the same mistake of having another coalition government? Today we have the Cord coalition which is mainly ODM, Wiper party and other small parties here and their, Jubilee coalition constituting of URP, TNA, UDM and others, and lastly the Pambazuko Coalition. These same leaders constituted the same coalition government that we are still been governed with. We need to think hard, we need to think first and we need to think soberly in a moral sense in view that this great nation might be in a political crisis. These leaders are telling us that through these well crafted coalitions their sole mandate is only based to ensure a peaceful country?? Wrong. Peace is not achieved solely through late night board room meetings and under the table deals but through prayers and fellow citizens embracing each other difference and learns to tolerate one another.

They are telling us that they are baking a cake which if elected whichever the lucky coalition get into power we will all benefit. Fellow country men the cake has already been baked and eaten by these same leaders through the process of cutting deals to form the coalitions that we are currently witnessing and all that is left are just crumbs which you and I will learn to share after March 4th 2013 general election. This same cake was baked in a hurry and all they wanted to see was just the brown coloring and its formation but inside the cake is very raw. As we all Know the “devil” is always in the detail and none of these coalition agreements have been disclosed for us the electorate to read and know what our share is. Opinion pollsters are already releasing polls on which coalition may carry the day and those brave leaders who have refused to join any alliances/coalition are no longer regarded as news makers or reformers.

Faint not the lone rangers faint not because you have demonstrated moral steadfastness and courage, you may not clinch the presidency, or get attention from the media or the masses or have the numbers in both the senate and National assembly but remember God never used the masses, He used simple lone rangers like Moses to deliver his people from the bondage of slavery, He used Noah to save humanity and hopefully He may still use the likes of Martha Karua’s and Ole-Kiyapi’s to preserve the  dignity, moral uprightness, ethical leadership and courage and hopefully one day history will reward you for these noble sacrifice.

Lastly to all noble men and women who love this country and wish to protect and preserve its destiny, dignity and speak out for their desired principles in leadership get your selves registered as voters and help claim back our cake that has been eaten.

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