Your Excellency Mr. vice president it’s with great privilege to address you not as a brother from Tseikuru but as concerned Kenya who has watched your politics with so much keenness. You are a man whose life history and achievement is impressive. At the age of 32years you were elected as a member of parliament of Kitui north and later on continued to be reelected as the M.P of Mwingi North Constituency after Kitui north constituency was split into new constituencies. You had the great opportunity to attend the Moi School of politics and graduated with distinction as a trusted student and loyal lieutenant of the former president.

Like any other student you embraced the spirit of rebelliousness after one of your classmate Uhuru Kenyatta was picked to become the presidential nominee for KANU during 2002 elections. You ended up joining forces with your classmates with the inclusion of some alumni’s (current president) and ended up forming the government. Things at that point were super. Your political calculations were correct and to many Kenyans you were perceived as the man to watch and probably our future leader. To the Christian community you were the true definition of a Godly servant, pure and without political blemish. You carried yourself with so much gusto and demeanor until the 2005 referendum where you rebelled against your boss by rejecting the Proposed Constitution and hence you fell short of your political glory and got yourself fired.

For the first time you were able to get the experience of been in opposition and made a big mistake of letting Raila to be your mentor. This man has spent his entire political life being in opposition and only he alone knows the tricks of surviving in opposition and then getting back to government then back to opposition. I mean the “guy” political life has been “in and out” of government and whichever side he is in, he totally benefits and thus becoming the master of this kind of political game.
Come 2007 general elections you were still on the right track despite going against the political wave. You were the only presidential candidate who publicly declared his wealth even when neither the Kenyan community nor the political mood of the electorate was ready for such truth. It didn’t make any political impact but still you were on the right political “radar”. But the greatest mistake you ever made was to become the Vice President. We all know the circumstances that led you to take that position but that was a rope given to commit political suicide. As they say Power corrupts, truly sir without fear or favor you let power corrupt you.

You became a leader who couldn’t distinguish between rights or wrong, you couldn’t make any decisive decision, and at the time when a leader needs to stand and lead his people you were never up to that task and that is why TNA/URP gave you a raw deal. You let your followers lead you, and that’s why your lieutenants the like of Hon. Muthama can stand and declare without your approval or consent that you are going to form a coalition with a political party and soon there after you run to the press or public gatherings and deny those claims and after a day you are signing a coalition deal with the same party. Sir leadership doesn’t need a title and as Sun Tzu once said, “For a leader to succeed its better to be feared than loved”. Any wise general always knows when to retreat and when to advance and in this political climate whichever coalitions you consent to, you will be in the second or third place but what you and hope to get for now it’s impossible because of your indecisive nature of wanting to please everyone.

Retreat now and go back to the mountains and start calculating your political moves again and hopefully come 2018 you will learn the art of making decisions and Kenyans will give you what you seek so much to achieve.



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