When I was a toddler during the festive season there was a gold rush of people buying animals to slaughter for merry making. Some of the animals were chicken, goats, sheep, or any other edible beast depending on how deep their pockets were. But one thing in common was that “these people” would buy these animals prior to the celebrations and feed them with all kind of foods so as to increase their weight and others to soften their meat. Whichever the reasons the animals would feel they are the most cared for and loved creatures in the whole world in oblivion that in a few days they will be in form of stew boiling and ending up in the stomach of everyone who has been invited to the festivity.
As I sit back and reflect on this fact I can’t stop my mind from taking a mental flight and wonder around in the jungle of politics in our country. In a few months time we will be going to the ballot box and elect men and women who are currently buying us with all sorts of gifts and feeding our minds and softening our hearts with every promise that they may think of just for the sake of getting our votes. Some are coming up with utopia forms of governance claiming how if elected they will turn around things and ensure microwave form of development within the first 100 days in office and that Kenya will be rated among the super powers within that period. I don’t wish to play the devils advocate here but as a country we have the potential to be the best but not under the leadership of these “rogue politicians” campaigning now. Actually if they take up the leadership of this country it wont surprise me if we end up been rated below most of the banana republics we currently have.
Some are claiming they are indeed democrats and reformers yet the political groupings they lead are all covered with dictatorial governance, corruption, and lack of transparency in how elections, nominations are been carried out. Some by nature are capitalistic and all they want is just to show us how successful they have been in the corporate world and all they want is bring the same style of governance in our politics but in reality all they want is to get a chance to taste and be in charge of the tax payers money which they will use to cover, build, strengthen their selfish interests and gain more power.
Currently they have reduced us to be in form of shares and bonds. They are trading us in board rooms and cheap hotels right below our noses. They meet and depending on the number of followers a candidate has will it match the kind of deal he will get. Basically what these group of politicians currently forming alliances one after the other and using we the Kenyan citizens as security has shown how they have degraded and disregarded our opinions. Truth be told whether we keep on burying our heads in the sad the next president is been negotiated in boardrooms right this moment as we speak.
They will keep feeding us, softening our meat but in the end after the elections they will boil us and feed us without any remorse. When we struggle with the rise of fuel prices, they will be competing to buy the latest guzzlers to show off on our roads, when our children are suffering because of lack of adequate classroom, learning equipments, teachers going on strike because of poor remuneration, them they will be applying for visas to take their children to Ivy League schools abroad. When our doctors and medical personnel strike because of lack of proper working environment and innocent Kenyans die, they will be flying abroad with our tax payer’s funds for special treatment, when people are dying because of lack of food, them they will be busy selling the few grains which are stored in our reserves and lastly when we are busy killing and chasing each other with machetes, arrows and bows on the basis of lies that they are spreading and feeding us claiming that our tribe is better than our neighbors tribe or our neighbors tribe is the reason we are suffering, them they will be busy interacting, drinking the most expensive wines and cutting business deals which each other.
Its time we wake up and face this sad reality and stop feeling as if we are the most special and cared for “animals” in the world. Let us rise and take up our rightful position and let the politicians know who has the power come 2013. Let’s take time and reflect within our deepest conscious and ask our selves does it really matter that the leader I should vote for must come from my tribe? Or does that leader need to be a man or a woman? Whichever choice you make let this leader be a person who will ensure your fundamental rights and interests are met. Let us start vetting these leaders from their past and let us be guided by God to choose right. Will the presidential debate help or is it a simple move to make money by the media industry????

Article by,
Dennis Mwaniki,
Political Scientist.


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