An Open Letter to the kenyan Youth

An Open Letter to the Kenyan Youth.
The country is in a political mood or should I say politicians and the wanna be politicians are in political mood. Whichever the case you can all agree that immediately after the enactment of the constitution people started to tell their wives, husbands, colleagues, and others their mpango wa kando that angels are appearing to them in dreams and visions telling them that they are called to be in politics. Currently an exodus is being seen as musicians, drug dealers, C.E.O’s, Senior technocrats, civil servants, police officers leaving the barrel of the gun and many other professionals to try their luck in politics. Surprisingly I have not seen any Wui Yon Lee come out to declare his interest in any seat but I hope none of them will leave the good work of constructing the roads for politics. Every function that is taking place even birthday parties for toddlers these men and women want to be invited. Some even go to the level of buying newspaper with no intent to read the headlines but to check the obituaries to know who is being buried at their constituent of interest. These men and women are decamping from one political party to another as if they are changing shirts. They have created or made politics to seem like it is a god to be worshiped. Yet some wonder why calamity is befalling them and it is because they have forgotten the golden rule that says,’’ You shall have no other god before me.”
But the sad reality is these guys have no interest whatsoever in making the life of the common mwananchi or the Kenyan youth better. What these “thugs” are trying to do is to indoctrinate us to believe in them that they are what we have been waiting for all our lives and epitomize themselves as the change we have been looking for. For instance all the presidential aspirants are people who are currently holding high and very influential positions such as prime minister, vice president, deputy prime ministers, ministers while others once held these positions but left because some of their interests were not served.
These same fellows we once gave them the opportunity to serve and make change but they all have failed in the little responsibility we gave them and what they want now is much but they have clearly demonstrated that too whom much is given less is expected. And the sad reality is that we the Kenyan youth we have left them get away with this fraud.
For once as a patriotic and a proud youth let’s exercise the right to be selfish with our votes because that is the only weapon we have to protect our futures. When these guys stand to declare their interest to be the next president, deputy president, governors, senators, members of parliament and county representatives lets pause for a while and reflect on what this guys are going to do for me as a youth.
If they come with their half page manifesto saying that they are going to improve the education system, pause and ask them what system are they going to bring? How are they going to improve the quality of education visa vie what we have now? How are they going to make the degrees that our parents have struggled to spend millions of shillings that wasn’t in existent relevant and meaningful for our future? Under the current rise of population how are they going to ensure that there are adequate classrooms/lecture halls, teachers/lecturers and how are they going to raise funds to ensure that all these are achieved?
If they say they are the true definition of what security should be lets pause and ask how are they going to improve the lives of the current officers and what ways are they going to use to increase the number of armed forces to ensure security for all, How are they going to create employment or fund us as the youths to use our talents to gain a descent living? Are they going to come up with stupid projects like kazi Kwa vijana na pesa kwa wazee?? We seriously need to scrutinize these guys and ask them how they are going to deal with their brothers who are cartels in the Oil, Food, Transport industry that has destroyed our economy. How are they going to ensure that our taxes are been utilized properly and avoid computer errors which are just mere excuses of trying to embezzle funds??
Let them show us the blueprints they have developed and what they are going to use to make our lives better and let us not tire to ask them this vital questions and many others and out of these as a smart, educated youth who cares about his or her future will be able to determine whether this guy who wants my vote wants to help me change and improve my life or only what he/she wants to use my vote to gain power and other interest for him/herself and their immediate families. Lastly to conquer one self is the best and noblest victory; to be vanquished by one’s own nature is the worst and the most ignoble defeat.

Article by,
Dennis Mwaniki,
Political Scientist.



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2 responses to “An Open Letter to the kenyan Youth

  1. Frank

    You guy! Its saddening to be akenyan youth in Kenya. Opportunitis are very limited and the available few are shared among a privilaged few who are also selfish. Times are hard indeed for ‘us’ and they are not about to get any better.
    Nice article

  2. Betty

    Much as I agree wit u,I also like 2 apreciate th youth who have taken it upon themselves 2 participate in whatever way ;they have goten 2 a point where they are not feeling sorry 4 themselves anymore bt are actualy taking the bull by the horn; they are seeking political office, they are ready 2 vote lets say a good percentage knw wat thy want…..its encouraging

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