David V/s Goliath


For those who happen to read the Bible, either as a noble practice of their respective faith or in search of the unknown phenomenon of life events I do believe that in one of the many chapters, you may have come across the story of young man by the name of David. This young boy took up the challenge that was given by Goliath a beast from Gath. This beast as many would wish to describe him so as to show his strength and power was nine feet tall, had a bronze helmet on his head, and wore a coat of scale armor of bronze weighing five thousand shekels and other protective gadgets that a warrior might need. But the humor on this is that with the entire armory that Goliath had, only one shot by a stone and the beast was down and as they say the rest is history. To bring the moral of thestory home I wish to refer to an event that recently happened;

This is based on the issue of the Deputy chief justice and the village market guard. A few months ago to some people Nancy Baraza was like a mini-god to them. She was seen as this savior who has come to liberate the Kenyan courts from their reputation of delaying justice, corruption, incompetence and mostly as the custodians on acts of impunity. In the interview the judicial service commission pampered her with soft questions hinting to her that the job was hers. The parliamentary select committee was the worst. They all acted as men in love. And as you may know when a man is in love everything about his lover is perfect and he might even go to the extent of defining perfection using her as an example. In one instance during the public submission the church was against her and when they tried to put their defense against her they were all ignored. A man willingly came out and shared his experience with Nancy Baraza and he was chased away. At the end the job was hers and finally as they say, if you truly want to know the true character of an individual give them power. This theory came to be a live at the village market.

What the Deputy chief justice did was wrong. It was an act of impunity, gross misconduct and more so trying to humiliate an innocent Kenya who was trying to do her job. Also she went a head to violate the oath of office she took which states that she will diligently serve the people and to impartially do justice in accordance with the constitution…………, without any fear, favor, bias, affection, ill-will………, and at all times, to the best of her knowledge and ability, protect, administer and defend the constitution……., and promoting fairness, independence, competence, and integrity within it.

It may be a simple job being a guard but that didn’t give Nancy Baraza the right to violate Kerubo rights. As Kenyans we don’t care what position a person holds and it is about time that individuals who have the opportunity to hold high position in government should come into terms that they serve us and not the other way round. Yes the position may have certain privileges and immunities but that doesn’t give them the right to go and pinch people noses and threaten them with guns or any other crude weapons’ they may have.

The other thing that Nancy Baraza should come into terms with is that there are very many prominent individuals holding high positions in government or other institutions. And the act of getting to know all of them could be a very difficult task. And if she really wants to be known by people then I guess it’s prudent for her to go to the nearest photo shop and get herself posters which she may distribute to all public and private places for people to recognize her. One example is the picture of the president which tends to be placed strategically in all buildings including places like bars and saloon.

Currently the fate of Nancy Baraza is in the hand of the president and as vultures we are waiting to see what will happen and my plea is that may this event be a living example too many individuals who think that by the virtue of the office they hold equates them to be above the law. I also hope that whatever the outcome will be that the Deputy chief justice and other individuals who think and behave like her should learn not to under estimate the power of a simple person like the guard and more so get to read the story of Goliath and David.

And lastly to FIDA, I have not heard any comments from your organizations which as I do believe one of its mandate is to champion the rights of women or is it that as per you objectives “all women are equal but their women who are more equal than others????   



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