Why I don’t and won’t support Raila presidency

In the Greek mythology a story is told of king Oedipus. In the land of Thebes, a prophecy is given to the king that he will have a son (king Oedipus) who will murder his father and marry his mother. On hearing this prophesy the king of Thebes abandoned his son to die on the lonely mountain side. By chance the child was rescued by a shepherd and then adopted by a childless king in Corinth. On hearing his fate and believing his adopted parents to be his real parents he ran away. On his way he encountered some travelers and killed an old man who happened to be the king of Thebes. He arrived at Thebes and met a monster guarding the gate of the city. After answering its riddle correctly he was bestowed to be the king of Thebes and to top it up he was given the recent widowed queen Jocasta to be his wife, who bore him four children.

Later, the sacred oracle revealed his identity to him, and it dawned on him what he had done. He had murdered his father and married his mother. In disbelief by this he plucked out his eyes, and she committed suicide.

Just like king Oedipus, the prime minister’s fate was sealed long time ago. If I may go back to history it was alleged that the prime minister was part of the attempted coup of 1982 which was meant to oust Moi out of power. Unfortunately the coup was unsuccessful and the Premier with some of the rogue politicians and military guys were charged with treason and jailed for some years. Later, the guy emerged and through his cunning ways he managed to seduce Moi and within a short time the two were sleeping in the same bed, sharing memorable moments together and even managed to get most of his wealth back through repayment and cancellation of debts.

The guy got back his swagger but to his disbelief 2002 fate struck him again and instead of Moi choosing him as his successor he choose the man from GEMA – Uhuru Kenyatta. The man was bitter, he was literary breathing fire. He was cheated and conned. Like any ordinary man he decided to file for divorce and parted ways with his beloved president Moi. He joined the golfer and with him and other anti – Moi politicians formed the NARC government. The merrymaking didn’t last for long as the guy was back to his ways of having mastered the art of being a dissenter. Immediately after the 2005 referendum the Premier and his cowboys were fired by the golfer.

In 2007 the man decided to take the bull by its horn and ran for president. He was Mr. Hammer, the big man and this time his swagger was on point. Every one including the unborn were singing of him, to the youth he became “Baba”, to the poor he became a savior, to his clan he was a mini – god but to the elite especially the Muthaiga boys he was trouble. Fate once more was unkind and Mr. Hammer lost and the man through the help of international fellows ended up being a wife instead of been the husband with power, he was only given the kitchen power.

Power is power even if its kitchen power became his slogan. Just like Moses in the Holy book he lost his vision and became consumed with all the anguish and unaccomplished promises he had given his people. The man became confused. He broke ranks with his Rift valley buddies and ended up firing them and some who were too stubborn to deal with he sent an urgent sms to his brother Ocampo to come and assist him.

Still under his watch the guy allowed maize meant to feed his people to be stolen and then preached the gospel of importing maize that if consumed his people would die of strange diseases. As greedy as the grave, his guys became thirsty and within few months the Triton oil scandal was in place and still none of his guys was fired, and the saddest is that the people who voted for him cannot even have a decent meal as his group of cartel buddies are hoarding maize, sugar, oil, gas and all the basic needs with impunity in preparations of 2012. All what he has done is to fire his trusted courtier Miguna Miguna without any profound reasons. The courtier who was ready to die for him now is plotting ways of destroying his master politically. The guys he fired and some whom he plotted their way to Hague have formed an alliance know as G7 which its main purpose is not to create a better Kenya or create a new order but its main aim is to destroy the premier politically especially his presidential ambitions.

Lastly his guys have stolen money meant to create jobs for the youth whom he is extremely banking on to vote for him come 2012.

Seriously why should we vote for you Mr. Prime Minister after having such a bad record? Personally I no longer subscribe to your “vitendawili” or sympathetic acts of having grenade near your office or political vision or idealistic manifestos. All you have shown us is that you are simply a drama queen and my 2012 vote will be a vote against you……!!!




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3 responses to “Why I don’t and won’t support Raila presidency

  1. Uhuruz Ballz


  2. give me reasons why he should be president…

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