The current invasion of the Al Shabaab strongholds by the Kenya Army has been named ‘Operation Linda Nchi’(protect the country).Whether this means that the country has not been protecting itself is anyone’s guess – what I can assure you is that we have not been adequately protected and that is why we have seen the recent kidnappings. Our borders have been as porous as a sieve and corruption has ensured the people who get in can get Kenyan national Identification Cards for about Ksh.50,000,complete with a new name and a place of birth within the borders of Kenya. This is the first problem,’legitimate Kenyans’ by birth who cannot even answer you when you say ‘habari gani?’.

Problem number two is made up of legit Kenyans,born to several generations of Kenyans,attended school here,recited the loyalty pledge and even sang the national anthem at their local primary school parades …but to them it was just another song that they were forced to sing every Monday morning and Friday evening before they dashed off to play with their age mates. To this group of people,the Country can be betrayed at will whenever the promise of large amounts of money or 72 virgins is given. Tell me something,a French lady was kidnapped from Manda Island -picked right from the place she was living. Do you think the kidnappers even asked for directions to where she was residing?They did not!They were acting with the help of their ‘local operatives ‘ in Kenya. There are many more even in the heart of Nairobi who would be willing to betray the country of their ancestors or the country that has given them refuge. Such is the greed that occupies our hearts as Kenyans.

Problem number three is quite complex. It is the terrorists themselves. Al Shabaab is considered a puppet being controlled by a host of religious fanatics and people out to ruin the continent. Reason with me,why would a small army of uneducated men reign so much terror to the extent of defeating their well-trained and well equipped army?Of course there is the support of Al Qaeda that ensures they receive the correct training and fresh supplies of rocket launchers and what not,but never forget the religious fanatics even within Kenya who are happy to wire large sums of money to the terrorists’ accounts for as long as they continue pushing the agendas of their religion within the continent. Al Shabaab is just part of a bigger agenda that every politically correct person would rather not talk about.

The last problem is this;If any young group of young men do not have anything that they wake up to and engage themselves in on a daily basis,they might just create something that will keep them busy!We Kenyans,of all people,should understand this very well after witnessing the horror stories of Mungiki,Jeshi la Mzee,Sungu Sungu,Sabaoti Land Defence Force ,e.t.c(insert any other from your tribe) .What would you do if you were born in a country that has not known peace even since you were a child?In addition to this,you are subjected to intense brainwashing instead of getting a clear explanation of the state of affairs. If these young people had jobs or projects that were giving them their daily bread they would be less-likely to engage in these activities. The problem is a social and economic one.

In conclusion,the question that we should all be asking is this;Can the Kenya Army win a war against religious fanaticsm,a religious agenda,a social and economic malfunction and a people’s mentality that they have nothing else to lose?Can these be defeated by the military tanks,a well coordinated infatry and a powerful air force?Is it a war of guns or ideologies and policies?If the army returns home having killed or captured all the militants,will that be a victory?

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Guest Writer: MM


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  1. John muhia

    I support fully this operation,kenyans are tired of living in fear of insurgents like the al-shabaab

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