If your neigbour comes into your house and slaps your wife,do you just give him a stern warning and let him go,do you go into his house and slap his wife as well or do you give him a proper man-to-man beating that will deter him from committing such crimes in future?We all know the answer to this!What Al Shabaab did by kidnapping our visitors was an equivalent of coming into our house and slapping our wives!”Why do I say so?”,you might ask.

Without giving you a lecture on economics,let me explain to you something about the economy of Kenya. Unlike many other countries, Kenya’s economy is almost entirely dependent on two things,agriculture and tourism. If anything were to happen to this two,the effects would spill over to the other sectors of the economy hence making life for the average Kenyan like you and me extremely difficult. When the West wanted to bring Iraq to its knees,they attacked the heart of their economy -oil. The effects this had on Iraq will remain for many years. It appears to me that someone was deliberately trying to ‘kill’ us by attacking one part of our heart -Tourism.

I happen to have come across people who were born and raised in one of the Western countries. To cut a long story short,they are very afraid of Africa in general. To them,Africa is a place where people die of hunger and disease everyday and whoever is left by these two curses gets to meet their maker by way of a rebel’s gun. So afraid were these two gentlemen that they asked for armed escorts weeks before they landed at JKIA,never mind the fact that Kenya is one of the safest countries in Africa. Since we wanted to be good hosts,we had this planned and they were guarded right from the moment they set foot in Kenya to when they toured the country and the faithful security officers were happy to give them the last salute as they boarded the plane that would take them back home. To be quite honest,I would rather they never visit us again – but I will not blame them for now. After the happenings of the last few weeks,I can almost imagine my two friends were justified. In less that five weeks,five visitors have been kidnapped in broad daylight right on the Kenyan soil. Al Shabaab,in about two months has scared away our tourists like a hyena scares away a herd of zebras that were happily grazing on some green grass,not because the hyena wants to eat the grass that has been left behind but because the creature is just being destructive. Does my analogy of the slapped wife come to your mind at this point?It should!

Any invasion of a territory by an army,official or mediocre,should be considered as an act of aggression and should never go unpunished. I may not be a military officer but if you ask me,Al Shabaab declared war on Kenya the moment they threatened our visitors. When they went ahead to kidnaped them,they just put a signature to the threat they had already offered. By going to war with them,we are not only protecting our economy but also giving them what they have been asking for. Long live the people of Kenya!

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Guest writer: MM


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  1. As someone with an African background, I find your blog right up my street, “AL SHABAAB : THE THREAT TO OUR GOOD REPUTATION AS A PEACEFUL …” I will keep checking for interesting additions to your blog.
    Well written,
    Thank you 🙂

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