We need a populist not an incommunicado presidency

We need a populist not an incommunicado presidency

There times I do wake up and ask myself if whether Kenya has a president or not. Actually my mind on its own peril normally takes a mental flight and when reality hits or as my memory serves me right I begin to remember that on 27th of December 2007 I woke up very early in the morning to go and exercise my right as a Kenyan citizen of voting. I also remember that immediately the elections were announced, in less than 30 minutes the incumbent president was sworn in. As a true shrewd politician he immediately constituted a commission known as the kriegler commission (Independent Review Commission) whose main task was to inquire into all aspects of the general elections with a particular emphasis on the presidential elections. The verdict of the commission was that it could not determine who won or lost the elections. As patriotic Kenyans we all went and celebrated in our different entertainment grounds praising judge kriegler and the other commissioners for a job well done.

The grand coalition marriage was now sealed properly and the head of state was ready to go and play golf with his Muthaiga buddies and hopefully top it up with a karaoke night. The people he claims to govern and protect at that particular time are languishing in tents, in hospitals, others depressed as some may attest to have seen what hell is all about and those who succumbed to death are either singing songs of praise with the angels in heaven or chopping firewood in preparation of their eternal fire in hell.

Recently the man announced that he is retiring from politics and all his Muthaiga and Gema buddies were invited to his farewell party. At first as a full practitioner of the Gema community I was sadden. Our man is leaving the office and all the pride we derived from that office will no longer be their. But then I sat down with a roll of tissue and analyzed his presidency in a somber mood. The more I reflected the more I became sad as there was no memorable moment that I would carry in history awaiting to narrate too my grand children.

The man was tired from the day he took the oath of office. People say he is a man of few words. Others say he is a boardroom leader. Others who happen to be as tired as he is say that he is a strategist, a man who knows how to calculate his moves and more so a much respected economist. Personally I view him as a man who portrays a nice photo of an absentee father. He has no idea how his house is operating, how and what his children are eating. His marriage partner is stealing the show and end up causing more damage to the extent of having a grenade in his office compound so as to win sympathy from the citizens.

With all the honesty, the man has failed to restore peace and unity after causing so much pain in our country. As any sensible leader would do soon after assuming office in the manner he did, was to ensure that the country heals from the wounds that he and his other political clowns caused. It’s almost 4years and yet nothing has been done. People are still hurting, others are still in camps yet the man claims he has ran a good race and fought the good fight, kept his faith intact and now it’s time to go and relax as he watches the sun set while sipping a glass of milk. Wrong!! There is no race he has ran nor fought a good fight except the one he was accused of having two wives and immediately called for a press brief claiming that he only has one wife. Who cares whether he has one or forty of them, each representing a cabinet portfolio.

All we care is whether there is security, the economy is growing and the shilling strengthening, good health that is available to all, adequate food, good governance that is free of corruption and that resources are well utilized and distributed to all. But the man has all along chosen to practice the art of selective deafness and blindness.

He stopped performing his duties long time ago and now the government is been governed by night runners. When the country needs him most he is silent. And one wonders if this guy is a coward or lack proper leadership skills. His buddies are running the show. These fellows are in competition on who will a mass the largest amount of wealth before 2012. They are hoarding essential commodities such as sugar and no one is explaining what is happening. The fuel prices are increasing day in day out, the shilling keeps on depreciating and the economists is just playing the silent game he is good at.

Moi was a populist and their times the country would feel safe especially when he is firing people who were incompetent. Now in this government the rules are different. The competent fellows are fired while incompetent fellows are appointed in higher offices. My vote 2012 will be a vote against any candidate who has or is still serving in this corrupt government and I still insist we need to have a revolution in our minds to do this.


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  1. Nyach

    Good read. Cheerio.

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