Still under colonial rule

Still under colonial rule

A story is told of a farmer, whom while taking a walk in his farm one sunny afternoon came across a nest that contained an egg. As a man whose daily work and role is that of taking care of both the flora and fauna decided to offer a helping hand to the lonely and uncared egg. He took the egg and placed it in one of the chicken coop and precisely mixed it with other eggs that were to hatch. After a short period the tiny chicks hatched. As the famous quote says, “If you go to Rome do as the Romans do” the weird looking chick had to adopt and follow what his mother taught him and his fellow brother and sister chicks. One, they had to scratch all day to get food, they also learnt how to fly but was only a meter high, it also learnt how to play and roll on dust. One day as they were playing it spotted a bird flying on the sky and immediately told his brother and sister chicks how it wished it could be able to do that. Other chicks in unison said, “That’s an eagle and you are just a hen” and to add salt to injury they added, “You can never fly as high as a meter high”. In real sense the weird looking chick was an eaglet and that it was capable of flying as high as it wished and more so very powerful than the discouraging chicks. Actually all along it was scratching for food while his real food was his fellow brother and sister chicks. Due to the discouragement given the eaglet continued to scratch for food and fly a meter high yet that was not the role that it was created for.
The moral of this story is that Africa as a continent was meant to fly high and enjoy the fresh air above just like other continents such as Europe. But the Europeans farmers came and took our egg which was hatching in its rightful place and took it and mixed it with other eggs. As a result we have been classified as a dark continent which will never progress till our big brothers say so. If I may take you down history lane, Europe, America, and other parts of Asia were basically built by raw materials which were extracted from Africa. These raw materials went to develop the saw called industries that later produced finished goods which we imported back at a very high price.

After depleting all the available resources they played a psychological game with Africans by letting us believe we fought for our independence. Policies that we have are policies of identity which we copied and pasted from the white boys and made them to be our blue prints for development. As a continent we have not progressed in terms of political, economical, and social factors as we are meant too have after close to 40+years since most of African countries gained independence. The systems of governments we are having are full of aristocrats who instead of using their position to improve the life of the poor masses they use it to enrich themselves.
Politically we are still controlled by the west. They dictate to us who should lead us and in what style. First and fore most I have beef with the saw called African union. This was a body that was created to assist in developing Africa, settling of both warranted and unwarranted dispute that are faced within the continent and other vital issues affecting our continent. It was also meant to protect African countries from been invaded by the west. But recently in Libya despite each one of us desiring for the ousting of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi or any other President in Africa whose ideology is that of, “Till death do us part with the high office” , it wasn’t right to use the kind of force that NATO used. Now they have given rebels the power to rule and also provided them with large sum of funds to facilitate them in the work of killing innocent Libyans. And what is shocking is that no African president stood and protested against such inhumane force used in Libya. The big reason is that we are so afraid of loosing the billion of dollars we are normally given in terms of loans and aid. Where as, these is what is keeping us in the vicious cycle of poverty that all African countries are facing.

Economically the west happens to be controlling us in all aspects. Currently in Kenya the Tripartite, ECOWAS and IGAD summit is been held. They are discussing on how to improve the economy and one thing I am sure off is that they are going to come up with master piece policies which are going to be shelved after every one has gone back to their respective countries. And this is because in Africa there is no leadership or political will that will ensure the implementation of these policies. All we need to do is to reduce the trade barriers so that we can open up our markets and not signing of price controlling bills which will only increase hoarding of vital commodities by speculating investors.
In Kenya the shilling is dropping against the dollar. This is not good and at this time I do wish the former President Moi was in power because heads would be rolling and guys leaving CBK because of their incompetence and not willing to act aggressively. Now they are coming up with policies which lack head or foot. They need to come up with policies and measure on how to curb the large amount of money that is circulating in the economy. Soon we will carry money in wheelbarrows to go buy a packet of milk and bread. In my own opinion the government including the CBK they have the power to change things but what is keeping them from doing anything is the response they will get from our big brothers from the West.
Africans we have the potential to develop our countries without the aid or the West dictating us. These we can do if we stop listening to the other chicks that we can’t fly high but only a meter high. Lets open up our regional markets and trade with each other, reduce the trade barriers, have good governance that is democratically endorsed by the rule of law and more so lets have a “we feeling” that will unite us as a continent.
We should all sing the song that the South Africa ANC youth leader sings. “Lets shoot Boer”. Despite it being an incitement song but seriously we need to shoot the west from interfering with our political, economical and social systems and only deal with them as equal partners. Do I hear an Amen from Col. Muammar Gaddafi in the bush?


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