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Why I don’t and won’t support Raila presidency

In the Greek mythology a story is told of king Oedipus. In the land of Thebes, a prophecy is given to the king that he will have a son (king Oedipus) who will murder his father and marry his mother. On hearing this prophesy the king of Thebes abandoned his son to die on the lonely mountain side. By chance the child was rescued by a shepherd and then adopted by a childless king in Corinth. On hearing his fate and believing his adopted parents to be his real parents he ran away. On his way he encountered some travelers and killed an old man who happened to be the king of Thebes. He arrived at Thebes and met a monster guarding the gate of the city. After answering its riddle correctly he was bestowed to be the king of Thebes and to top it up he was given the recent widowed queen Jocasta to be his wife, who bore him four children.

Later, the sacred oracle revealed his identity to him, and it dawned on him what he had done. He had murdered his father and married his mother. In disbelief by this he plucked out his eyes, and she committed suicide.

Just like king Oedipus, the prime minister’s fate was sealed long time ago. If I may go back to history it was alleged that the prime minister was part of the attempted coup of 1982 which was meant to oust Moi out of power. Unfortunately the coup was unsuccessful and the Premier with some of the rogue politicians and military guys were charged with treason and jailed for some years. Later, the guy emerged and through his cunning ways he managed to seduce Moi and within a short time the two were sleeping in the same bed, sharing memorable moments together and even managed to get most of his wealth back through repayment and cancellation of debts.

The guy got back his swagger but to his disbelief 2002 fate struck him again and instead of Moi choosing him as his successor he choose the man from GEMA – Uhuru Kenyatta. The man was bitter, he was literary breathing fire. He was cheated and conned. Like any ordinary man he decided to file for divorce and parted ways with his beloved president Moi. He joined the golfer and with him and other anti – Moi politicians formed the NARC government. The merrymaking didn’t last for long as the guy was back to his ways of having mastered the art of being a dissenter. Immediately after the 2005 referendum the Premier and his cowboys were fired by the golfer.

In 2007 the man decided to take the bull by its horn and ran for president. He was Mr. Hammer, the big man and this time his swagger was on point. Every one including the unborn were singing of him, to the youth he became “Baba”, to the poor he became a savior, to his clan he was a mini – god but to the elite especially the Muthaiga boys he was trouble. Fate once more was unkind and Mr. Hammer lost and the man through the help of international fellows ended up being a wife instead of been the husband with power, he was only given the kitchen power.

Power is power even if its kitchen power became his slogan. Just like Moses in the Holy book he lost his vision and became consumed with all the anguish and unaccomplished promises he had given his people. The man became confused. He broke ranks with his Rift valley buddies and ended up firing them and some who were too stubborn to deal with he sent an urgent sms to his brother Ocampo to come and assist him.

Still under his watch the guy allowed maize meant to feed his people to be stolen and then preached the gospel of importing maize that if consumed his people would die of strange diseases. As greedy as the grave, his guys became thirsty and within few months the Triton oil scandal was in place and still none of his guys was fired, and the saddest is that the people who voted for him cannot even have a decent meal as his group of cartel buddies are hoarding maize, sugar, oil, gas and all the basic needs with impunity in preparations of 2012. All what he has done is to fire his trusted courtier Miguna Miguna without any profound reasons. The courtier who was ready to die for him now is plotting ways of destroying his master politically. The guys he fired and some whom he plotted their way to Hague have formed an alliance know as G7 which its main purpose is not to create a better Kenya or create a new order but its main aim is to destroy the premier politically especially his presidential ambitions.

Lastly his guys have stolen money meant to create jobs for the youth whom he is extremely banking on to vote for him come 2012.

Seriously why should we vote for you Mr. Prime Minister after having such a bad record? Personally I no longer subscribe to your “vitendawili” or sympathetic acts of having grenade near your office or political vision or idealistic manifestos. All you have shown us is that you are simply a drama queen and my 2012 vote will be a vote against you……!!!




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The current invasion of the Al Shabaab strongholds by the Kenya Army has been named ‘Operation Linda Nchi’(protect the country).Whether this means that the country has not been protecting itself is anyone’s guess – what I can assure you is that we have not been adequately protected and that is why we have seen the recent kidnappings. Our borders have been as porous as a sieve and corruption has ensured the people who get in can get Kenyan national Identification Cards for about Ksh.50,000,complete with a new name and a place of birth within the borders of Kenya. This is the first problem,’legitimate Kenyans’ by birth who cannot even answer you when you say ‘habari gani?’.

Problem number two is made up of legit Kenyans,born to several generations of Kenyans,attended school here,recited the loyalty pledge and even sang the national anthem at their local primary school parades …but to them it was just another song that they were forced to sing every Monday morning and Friday evening before they dashed off to play with their age mates. To this group of people,the Country can be betrayed at will whenever the promise of large amounts of money or 72 virgins is given. Tell me something,a French lady was kidnapped from Manda Island -picked right from the place she was living. Do you think the kidnappers even asked for directions to where she was residing?They did not!They were acting with the help of their ‘local operatives ‘ in Kenya. There are many more even in the heart of Nairobi who would be willing to betray the country of their ancestors or the country that has given them refuge. Such is the greed that occupies our hearts as Kenyans.

Problem number three is quite complex. It is the terrorists themselves. Al Shabaab is considered a puppet being controlled by a host of religious fanatics and people out to ruin the continent. Reason with me,why would a small army of uneducated men reign so much terror to the extent of defeating their well-trained and well equipped army?Of course there is the support of Al Qaeda that ensures they receive the correct training and fresh supplies of rocket launchers and what not,but never forget the religious fanatics even within Kenya who are happy to wire large sums of money to the terrorists’ accounts for as long as they continue pushing the agendas of their religion within the continent. Al Shabaab is just part of a bigger agenda that every politically correct person would rather not talk about.

The last problem is this;If any young group of young men do not have anything that they wake up to and engage themselves in on a daily basis,they might just create something that will keep them busy!We Kenyans,of all people,should understand this very well after witnessing the horror stories of Mungiki,Jeshi la Mzee,Sungu Sungu,Sabaoti Land Defence Force ,e.t.c(insert any other from your tribe) .What would you do if you were born in a country that has not known peace even since you were a child?In addition to this,you are subjected to intense brainwashing instead of getting a clear explanation of the state of affairs. If these young people had jobs or projects that were giving them their daily bread they would be less-likely to engage in these activities. The problem is a social and economic one.

In conclusion,the question that we should all be asking is this;Can the Kenya Army win a war against religious fanaticsm,a religious agenda,a social and economic malfunction and a people’s mentality that they have nothing else to lose?Can these be defeated by the military tanks,a well coordinated infatry and a powerful air force?Is it a war of guns or ideologies and policies?If the army returns home having killed or captured all the militants,will that be a victory?

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Guest Writer: MM

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If your neigbour comes into your house and slaps your wife,do you just give him a stern warning and let him go,do you go into his house and slap his wife as well or do you give him a proper man-to-man beating that will deter him from committing such crimes in future?We all know the answer to this!What Al Shabaab did by kidnapping our visitors was an equivalent of coming into our house and slapping our wives!”Why do I say so?”,you might ask.

Without giving you a lecture on economics,let me explain to you something about the economy of Kenya. Unlike many other countries, Kenya’s economy is almost entirely dependent on two things,agriculture and tourism. If anything were to happen to this two,the effects would spill over to the other sectors of the economy hence making life for the average Kenyan like you and me extremely difficult. When the West wanted to bring Iraq to its knees,they attacked the heart of their economy -oil. The effects this had on Iraq will remain for many years. It appears to me that someone was deliberately trying to ‘kill’ us by attacking one part of our heart -Tourism.

I happen to have come across people who were born and raised in one of the Western countries. To cut a long story short,they are very afraid of Africa in general. To them,Africa is a place where people die of hunger and disease everyday and whoever is left by these two curses gets to meet their maker by way of a rebel’s gun. So afraid were these two gentlemen that they asked for armed escorts weeks before they landed at JKIA,never mind the fact that Kenya is one of the safest countries in Africa. Since we wanted to be good hosts,we had this planned and they were guarded right from the moment they set foot in Kenya to when they toured the country and the faithful security officers were happy to give them the last salute as they boarded the plane that would take them back home. To be quite honest,I would rather they never visit us again – but I will not blame them for now. After the happenings of the last few weeks,I can almost imagine my two friends were justified. In less that five weeks,five visitors have been kidnapped in broad daylight right on the Kenyan soil. Al Shabaab,in about two months has scared away our tourists like a hyena scares away a herd of zebras that were happily grazing on some green grass,not because the hyena wants to eat the grass that has been left behind but because the creature is just being destructive. Does my analogy of the slapped wife come to your mind at this point?It should!

Any invasion of a territory by an army,official or mediocre,should be considered as an act of aggression and should never go unpunished. I may not be a military officer but if you ask me,Al Shabaab declared war on Kenya the moment they threatened our visitors. When they went ahead to kidnaped them,they just put a signature to the threat they had already offered. By going to war with them,we are not only protecting our economy but also giving them what they have been asking for. Long live the people of Kenya!

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Guest writer: MM

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We need a populist not an incommunicado presidency

We need a populist not an incommunicado presidency

There times I do wake up and ask myself if whether Kenya has a president or not. Actually my mind on its own peril normally takes a mental flight and when reality hits or as my memory serves me right I begin to remember that on 27th of December 2007 I woke up very early in the morning to go and exercise my right as a Kenyan citizen of voting. I also remember that immediately the elections were announced, in less than 30 minutes the incumbent president was sworn in. As a true shrewd politician he immediately constituted a commission known as the kriegler commission (Independent Review Commission) whose main task was to inquire into all aspects of the general elections with a particular emphasis on the presidential elections. The verdict of the commission was that it could not determine who won or lost the elections. As patriotic Kenyans we all went and celebrated in our different entertainment grounds praising judge kriegler and the other commissioners for a job well done.

The grand coalition marriage was now sealed properly and the head of state was ready to go and play golf with his Muthaiga buddies and hopefully top it up with a karaoke night. The people he claims to govern and protect at that particular time are languishing in tents, in hospitals, others depressed as some may attest to have seen what hell is all about and those who succumbed to death are either singing songs of praise with the angels in heaven or chopping firewood in preparation of their eternal fire in hell.

Recently the man announced that he is retiring from politics and all his Muthaiga and Gema buddies were invited to his farewell party. At first as a full practitioner of the Gema community I was sadden. Our man is leaving the office and all the pride we derived from that office will no longer be their. But then I sat down with a roll of tissue and analyzed his presidency in a somber mood. The more I reflected the more I became sad as there was no memorable moment that I would carry in history awaiting to narrate too my grand children.

The man was tired from the day he took the oath of office. People say he is a man of few words. Others say he is a boardroom leader. Others who happen to be as tired as he is say that he is a strategist, a man who knows how to calculate his moves and more so a much respected economist. Personally I view him as a man who portrays a nice photo of an absentee father. He has no idea how his house is operating, how and what his children are eating. His marriage partner is stealing the show and end up causing more damage to the extent of having a grenade in his office compound so as to win sympathy from the citizens.

With all the honesty, the man has failed to restore peace and unity after causing so much pain in our country. As any sensible leader would do soon after assuming office in the manner he did, was to ensure that the country heals from the wounds that he and his other political clowns caused. It’s almost 4years and yet nothing has been done. People are still hurting, others are still in camps yet the man claims he has ran a good race and fought the good fight, kept his faith intact and now it’s time to go and relax as he watches the sun set while sipping a glass of milk. Wrong!! There is no race he has ran nor fought a good fight except the one he was accused of having two wives and immediately called for a press brief claiming that he only has one wife. Who cares whether he has one or forty of them, each representing a cabinet portfolio.

All we care is whether there is security, the economy is growing and the shilling strengthening, good health that is available to all, adequate food, good governance that is free of corruption and that resources are well utilized and distributed to all. But the man has all along chosen to practice the art of selective deafness and blindness.

He stopped performing his duties long time ago and now the government is been governed by night runners. When the country needs him most he is silent. And one wonders if this guy is a coward or lack proper leadership skills. His buddies are running the show. These fellows are in competition on who will a mass the largest amount of wealth before 2012. They are hoarding essential commodities such as sugar and no one is explaining what is happening. The fuel prices are increasing day in day out, the shilling keeps on depreciating and the economists is just playing the silent game he is good at.

Moi was a populist and their times the country would feel safe especially when he is firing people who were incompetent. Now in this government the rules are different. The competent fellows are fired while incompetent fellows are appointed in higher offices. My vote 2012 will be a vote against any candidate who has or is still serving in this corrupt government and I still insist we need to have a revolution in our minds to do this.

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A heroine not honored at home.

A heroine not honored at home.

As a young boy back in the days in my urban hood as we were fond of calling it, I would sit down and watch news with all the silence required and much interest to know whom the sharp axe of the former president has fallen on. In my vivid memory on one particular day there was no political casualty or head of Parastatal fired. This fate full day the news was different. It was more of a movie. The police combined with the “fanya fujo uwone” the GSU guys were raining a holy war on a lady. She was beaten and her hair pulled from one direction to the other. At first I thought she was a criminal, one of the clients of Osama or any other ruthless dictator whose mission was to disturb the government of the man whom every week will ensure I get a tiny packet of milk.

I was mad! Very mad and even whispered a thanksgiving prayer telling God to give the General service unit guys strength to continue too swing their well cut “rungus” on any one who may try to provoke the mood of the man whose government gave me milk while crossing my tiny fingers that this event wont make the free flow of milk stopped. In the midst of my prayer God in His on magnificent way visited me and reminded me of the Sunday school memory verse we were taught that previous Sunday. And the worst was that my Sunday school teacher was my mother. Immediately my innocent prayer was cut short. I started to picture the lady been beaten as my mum. I was terrified. Would my mum have with stand the impact, quality and quantity of beating this lady was receiving?

Immediately I lifted my hand up as it was the laid down rules and regulations in our house of not speaking during news hour. The sole inventor and custodian of the law granted me a few second to air my innocent ignorance. I asked whom the lady was and why she was been beaten? The television was switched of and history classes began. I was told she is Wangari Muta Maathai. She is an environmentalist, a lady devoted to fight for our depleting forests and in that instance she was trying to fight the government which had grabbed the Uhuru park in plans of erecting a building which will have the statue of my milk provider.

Since then her face became familiar in the news running up and down been chased by the police over and over again. Their times I would wonder what type of person would receive such beating s just because she is fighting for the conservation of our environment – mostly the trees.

In her I saw a true nationalist the likes of Mandela, a heroine, a patriotic leader, a true custodian of good governance. Later she joined politics and to me she became a politician with a vision and a purpose. She cared for the people who voted for her through giving them the gift of enjoying nature and its benefits.

The international world crowned her with a prestigious honor of being the Nobel peace prize. Kenya was immediately placed in the international map. But to the disgrace of our government we gave her a position of an assistant minister. A position through her passion and qualification she was above. In our country she became an ordinary person while internationally she was a voice, a respected lady, a true icon and even if the kibaki’s government gave her a state burial nothing will change that this government failed to honor a true Kenyan leader. And the good book says that, ‘truly a prophet is not honored in his/her home. She was not honored but the truth is that her memory and the good work that she shed her blood for, will forever be entrenched in the anal of our history and generations to come will enjoy the environment she fought so hard to protect. May God rest her soul in eternal peace. And in honor of the humming bird let’s all play our part and conserve our environment to prevent us and our future generations from paying the price of messing up with the nature God has given us.

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Still under colonial rule

Still under colonial rule

A story is told of a farmer, whom while taking a walk in his farm one sunny afternoon came across a nest that contained an egg. As a man whose daily work and role is that of taking care of both the flora and fauna decided to offer a helping hand to the lonely and uncared egg. He took the egg and placed it in one of the chicken coop and precisely mixed it with other eggs that were to hatch. After a short period the tiny chicks hatched. As the famous quote says, “If you go to Rome do as the Romans do” the weird looking chick had to adopt and follow what his mother taught him and his fellow brother and sister chicks. One, they had to scratch all day to get food, they also learnt how to fly but was only a meter high, it also learnt how to play and roll on dust. One day as they were playing it spotted a bird flying on the sky and immediately told his brother and sister chicks how it wished it could be able to do that. Other chicks in unison said, “That’s an eagle and you are just a hen” and to add salt to injury they added, “You can never fly as high as a meter high”. In real sense the weird looking chick was an eaglet and that it was capable of flying as high as it wished and more so very powerful than the discouraging chicks. Actually all along it was scratching for food while his real food was his fellow brother and sister chicks. Due to the discouragement given the eaglet continued to scratch for food and fly a meter high yet that was not the role that it was created for.
The moral of this story is that Africa as a continent was meant to fly high and enjoy the fresh air above just like other continents such as Europe. But the Europeans farmers came and took our egg which was hatching in its rightful place and took it and mixed it with other eggs. As a result we have been classified as a dark continent which will never progress till our big brothers say so. If I may take you down history lane, Europe, America, and other parts of Asia were basically built by raw materials which were extracted from Africa. These raw materials went to develop the saw called industries that later produced finished goods which we imported back at a very high price.

After depleting all the available resources they played a psychological game with Africans by letting us believe we fought for our independence. Policies that we have are policies of identity which we copied and pasted from the white boys and made them to be our blue prints for development. As a continent we have not progressed in terms of political, economical, and social factors as we are meant too have after close to 40+years since most of African countries gained independence. The systems of governments we are having are full of aristocrats who instead of using their position to improve the life of the poor masses they use it to enrich themselves.
Politically we are still controlled by the west. They dictate to us who should lead us and in what style. First and fore most I have beef with the saw called African union. This was a body that was created to assist in developing Africa, settling of both warranted and unwarranted dispute that are faced within the continent and other vital issues affecting our continent. It was also meant to protect African countries from been invaded by the west. But recently in Libya despite each one of us desiring for the ousting of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi or any other President in Africa whose ideology is that of, “Till death do us part with the high office” , it wasn’t right to use the kind of force that NATO used. Now they have given rebels the power to rule and also provided them with large sum of funds to facilitate them in the work of killing innocent Libyans. And what is shocking is that no African president stood and protested against such inhumane force used in Libya. The big reason is that we are so afraid of loosing the billion of dollars we are normally given in terms of loans and aid. Where as, these is what is keeping us in the vicious cycle of poverty that all African countries are facing.

Economically the west happens to be controlling us in all aspects. Currently in Kenya the Tripartite, ECOWAS and IGAD summit is been held. They are discussing on how to improve the economy and one thing I am sure off is that they are going to come up with master piece policies which are going to be shelved after every one has gone back to their respective countries. And this is because in Africa there is no leadership or political will that will ensure the implementation of these policies. All we need to do is to reduce the trade barriers so that we can open up our markets and not signing of price controlling bills which will only increase hoarding of vital commodities by speculating investors.
In Kenya the shilling is dropping against the dollar. This is not good and at this time I do wish the former President Moi was in power because heads would be rolling and guys leaving CBK because of their incompetence and not willing to act aggressively. Now they are coming up with policies which lack head or foot. They need to come up with policies and measure on how to curb the large amount of money that is circulating in the economy. Soon we will carry money in wheelbarrows to go buy a packet of milk and bread. In my own opinion the government including the CBK they have the power to change things but what is keeping them from doing anything is the response they will get from our big brothers from the West.
Africans we have the potential to develop our countries without the aid or the West dictating us. These we can do if we stop listening to the other chicks that we can’t fly high but only a meter high. Lets open up our regional markets and trade with each other, reduce the trade barriers, have good governance that is democratically endorsed by the rule of law and more so lets have a “we feeling” that will unite us as a continent.
We should all sing the song that the South Africa ANC youth leader sings. “Lets shoot Boer”. Despite it being an incitement song but seriously we need to shoot the west from interfering with our political, economical and social systems and only deal with them as equal partners. Do I hear an Amen from Col. Muammar Gaddafi in the bush?

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