The truth is something went wrong during the last general elections. And the only people who can tell us exactly what happened are the president, the prime minister and the former Electoral commissioners. These are the individuals who are supposed to come clean and apologize to the victims who were raped, attacked, displaced, the souls of who were killed during the civil disturbance and more so to the little children who died at kiamba church. Unfortunately this group of individuals happens to have inherited the heart of pharaoh and expecting this from them is like trying to define the true meaning of impossible. Fortunately God in His own wisdom invented the art of dealing with this kind of people, and sure enough He will deal with them in ways only pharaoh can narrate if he was alive.

Allow me to borrow some wisdom from the law of common sense and say that the ICC confirmation case was just a mere circus staged by Ocampo or rather a well played movie whose script was written by both the two principles and directed by Ocampo. This circus or movie is like a coin and it is where I hereby derive my two hypotheses about the confirmation hearing cases. The first hypothesis is about the executive and production director Mr. Ocampo. The guy came in town and immediately he was given a hero’s welcome; he was taken to the most luxurious hotel, given a limousine to be driven in, security and the worst, a tour guide by our idle ministers to see our culture and heritage which has been imbedded within the confirms of our national game parks or rather to witness the animals we spared during the civil disturbances of 2007/2008. Without leaving anything to chance we also gave a cheetah his name and that day Ocampo automatically became one of us. Later, he met with the two script writers and that was the day the fate of the six accused individuals was sealed. In real sense Ocampo never carried any investigations. The only things he used was the documents from Waki’s led commission and others from the Kenya national human rights commission and any other witness who became wise enough to enjoy the privilege given to an international witness so as run away from the poverty in our country.

Later, back in his office he did what we call cut and paste, combined with the script given by the two principles, Ocampo had a full movie to produce. Immediately he broadcasted the lead cast members having reduced the Waki list from 10 to 6 and the movie was good to go.

This brings me to my second hypothesis. As any cast member would do, they accepted their role to impersonate the real characters who happen in this case to be none other than the two principles. They boldly called for media briefings saying how they were not consulted when the cast members were been chosen and neither did they go for any auditions. With courage and support from their brothers and sisters in parliament they decided to take the bull by its horns. When Ruto took the stand and started to speak of how patriotic he is and how this movie was scripted to kill his political ambitions I almost shed tears and if given a chance I would have come up to an unanimous verdict of not guilty. But the interesting part came when the defense counsel of Mr. Kosgey played their role. When other counsels tried to defend all the three accused guys, Mr. Kosgey’s counsel only spoke of their guy alone and making him to be the saint of them all. At first I was bitter and angry with Mr. Kosgey but then I had a moment and remembered a story of two hens, where one was blind and the other had a very sharp eye sight. The blind hen was very hard working and it would scratch everywhere to get food. But the other hen was indeed wise and lazy and all it deed was to keep its manicured nails clean by letting the other blind hen do all the scratching and all it did was to follow closely and eat from the same spot the other blind hen scratched. In my own school of thought this was a bright and dangerous move displayed by Mr. Kosgey.

In the scenario at court it was a brilliant move but back at home guys have realized that he is not a man to rely on or be trusted as he is playing from the same card inherited from his trainer Mr. Raila.
Will these cases be confirmed? To my own analysis they may or may not and if confirmed they will not necessarily indicate that the guys are guilty but it will be on the basis of trying to put a stop on impunity as it was evidently displayed in the court when guys were laughing even when not tickled.

In reality Ocampo did a shady work and we all saw that but unfortunately this shady work of his in the name of having sufficient evidence made all of us including those in the camps look bad. The justice we all waited for has turned out to be a game of circus from Mr. Ocampo and in the same mood of fear that nothing good may come out from Ocampo. I hereby wish to extend my right and privilege of having a constitution and urge the Director of public prosecution and the chief justice to put in place a local tribunal where both the small and big perpetrators of the post election violence will be tried. And with this in place justice will prevail in Kenya.


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