Cast us not in the ballot box of hatred

This is an open letter to our men of clothe, men who have been given the heaviest task to ensure that each and every one of us enters his or her second season of life in heaven when his cheque has been declared null and void because his life account has been closed here on earth. this includes the murderers -the likes of Osama bin laden, the likes of Idi Amin, Cain one of the sons of Adam and Eve or even the likes of mother Teresa.ooh yee men of clothe may this find you when you are of good health and your spiritual cups are all full of God’s tolerance ,peace , love and unity. Please allow me to go straight to the point and ask you men of clothe a few questions-what happens when the referendum is over and those who are in support of the new draft have either won or lost the election. Please allow me to also play as your advocates. I believe you will all go back to your respective roles of preaching the gospel, helping the sick and also expanding your ministry through missions and outreach to areas such as Moyale Mandera Garissa and the likes?? On to my second question what happens to our diverse religions such as the Islam, Hindu, Christianity and the rest? Will there still be unity, tolerance and understanding amongst them? These two questions bring me to the proclaimed contentious issue of kadhi’s court.

Please allow me to quote a clause on the constitution so that us I play as your advocates I will be protected by the rule of law….”the jurisdiction of a Kadhi’s court shall extend to the determination of questions of Muslim law relating to personal status, marriage, divorce or inheritance in proceedings in which all the parties profess the Muslim religion.” Good men will you let such provision divide us because no Christian has been included to these provision or what is your argument? I to as your advocate am a bit confused with your argument. But let me think without the box- is the article of kadhi’s court a soft ground for the introduction of shariah law in Kenya as one of my brothers from church was trying to convince me? I don’t think so as my knowledge on history clearly tells me there are a clear distinction between sharia law and kadhi’s courts and if its true then we must woo the Muslims so that if any thing was to happen as my brother was telling me then they will allows us to have our Christian courts which will only serve those who profess the Christian faith. What do you think? But then if this was not to happen and maybe this constitution was taking place during the time of Jesus and the saw called men of clothe during his time ‘the Pharisees” approach him and ask him what was his take on the issue of the kadhi’s court. I do believe your guess is as good as mine as he will say give unto the Muslim what belongs to them. Let me take my defense further and explain with a story……In the ancient Chinese court of the Wei kingdom there was a man name Mi Tzu-hsia who had a reputation for supreme civility and graciousness.

He became the rulers favourite.It was a law in Wei that “whoever rides secretly in the ruler’s coach shall have his feet cut off,” but when Mi tzu-hsia’s mother fell ill, he used the royal coach to visit her, pretending that the ruler had given him permission. When the ruler found out, he said, “How dutiful is Mi Tzu-hsia! For his mother’s sake he even forgot that he was committing a crime making him liable to loose his feet!” Another time the two of them took a stroll in an orchard. Mi tzu-hsia began eating a peach that he could not finish and he gave the ruler the other half to eat. The ruler remarked, “You love me so much that you would even forget your own saliva taste and let me eat the rest of the peach. Later, envious fellow courtiers, spreading word that Mi tzu-hsia was actually devious and arrogant, succeeded in damaging his reputation, the ruler came to see his actions in a new light, “This fellow once rode in my coach under pretense of my order, “he told the courtiers angrily, “and another time he gave me a half –eaten peach, “for the same action Mi tzu-hsia had to suffer the penalties!

Please allow me to interpret!

Men of clothe you have ruined your reputation!

For this your feet will be cut off, Final!

And this brings me back to my first question how will you spread the good gospel to areas such a Garissa? Will they allow you? You tell me? And to my final word Islam dialect are now found on cakes, meat and even immediate born kids! Are the god’s speaking!


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