Immediately Mr. Annan declared we have a deal on the 28th February 2008,and him been the chief Doctor to mother Kenya, he also run some test and one of them was the pregnancy test. After the results were out in the form of the national accord and reconciliation Act mother Kenya was declared pregnant and the unborn baby was the so called proposed constitution. In the process many mid-wives emerged. Some were in the form of committee of experts, parliament and also another group of mid-wives who claim this pregnancy is what will make history remember them as legends and lastly the citizens. Allow me to address each group at a personal level.

Committee of experts

Your job was to provide guidance and direction to this unborn baby, biologically you were to act as the placenta to ensure that nothing bad happens to the fetus (proposed constitution). Unfortunately in the early days of your work you experienced some abnormalities such as lack of funds to conduct proper Civic education, office space was an issue and also personal remuneration. Despite all this you were able to stand firm and deliver as expected and on 23rd of February 2010 the proposed constitution was published and thereafter presented to parliament for the final amendments. No sooner was the proposed constitution passed than you immediately became a past tense. All the effort you had put from going round to collect views from the wananchi was rewarded by you given the back seats during the promulgation ceremony as your glory was hijacked by the “pirates” known as the politicians.

The parliament

Please allow me to be as sincere and candid as possible hoping that I’ll not be charge with libel or defamation. This is a group of elites who are elected by the common mwananchi to represent their will and exercises their sovereignty. On this huge task this group of honourable members has ended up been a paragon of incompetent leaders whose interest was to seek power and amass wealth through unscrupulous ways. In simple words, all the so called honorable members have failed!!!

For starters when the proposed constitution was presented to them for final amendment this class of jokers came up with 150 amendments of which none of them was incorporated in the proposed constitution which they later approved on April 1st 2010. Later on the house divided, forming three groups known as the yes{those in support}, the no group{those against} and lastly those who were neither for or against{the so called watermelons}. In real sense none of this group had read the constitution and understood it well and those who claim to have understood it only read small portions of it and became experts immediately. This is why when the issue of paying tax came some were caught unaware including their prefect the speaker who was the lead negotiator on the gentleman agreement. Yet a layman like me clearly understands that chapter 12, article 210, clause 3 states that- no law may exclude or authorize the exclusion of a state officer from payment of tax by reason of- (a)the office held by the state officer; or (b) the nature of the work of the state officer. If you are wondering whether you are state officers then I refer you to article 260 and article 263 of the constitution hoping that the simplicity of the grammar used might enlighten you.

In conclusion this is a group of false prophets who have mastered the art of preaching water yet they constantly get drunk on wine. They claim to be in support of rule of law and constitutionalism yet those who were in support of the constitution passed it out of mere peer pressure while those who were against were basically driven by selfish personal interest and more so to protect the wealth which was acquired through fraudulent means

The self proclaimed legends

The clergy once referred to you as moribund and incompetent class of individuals. To me you behave as those grandparents who never exist in someone’s life but immediately appear when one has given birth to a child and all you demand is that the child should bear your name no matter what. To you gentle, history will judge you harshly and remember you as only been present during the time of promulgating the constitution and nothing else. One thing you forgot was to apply the law of legacy in a practical manner. In this law a leader lasting value is measured by succession value. The succession value that describe the patterns you have created is that of acts of corruption from your close friends, high living standard where prices of all commodities have tripled since you were sworn in at night and others through negotiations made, and lastly the country is turning out to be a walking nation as citizens cannot afford the comfort of feeding their families, transport cost or have gas on their vehicles. The necessary thing that we Kenyans and the clergy need to do is to withdraw from praying for these people but pray that the days may go fast so that we may vote out this incompetent class of so called leaders or rather legends.

The citizens

For any community to exist in harmony there is need of sine qua non (absolutely necessary) mechanism. One of the mechanisms is the existence of law. To the citizens the constitution was meant to be a tool that would bring all the ethnic communities together so as to avoid the occurrence of the 2007/2008 post election violence but we imagined or dreamt of it as a pop corn machine when we passed it. We thought that this pop corn machine (constitution) would provide jobs, make living condition much better but we were all wrong. To be honest jobs have been created but these jobs were meant for the cousins and former class mates of the so called political class. Kenyans this constitution was and is our baby. Let us nurture and protect it from this class of incompetent law makers. And as the wise men once said when you meet a swordsman, draw your sword; do not recite poetry to one who is not a poet.

Fellow Kenyans its time we draw our swords and come 2012 let us vote all this clowns out.


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September 4, 2011 · 7:29 am

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