A story is told of the owl, whom was considered as god. One dark night as it perch on the tree two moles tried to sneak out of the bush. Immediately they heard,”hey you.” the moles were shocked how anyone would be able to see them amidst the darkness. The next day they went and told the other animals how the owl was god and that it could see at night. In disbelief the secretary bird was requested to go and ascertain the claims. During the darkest hour of the night the secretary bird summoned the owl. The owl was asked several questions of which it got all of them right. The next day the secretary bird presented the findings stating that not only is the owl god but it also happens to be the wisest animal and it will befit if he was appointed as the leader of the animals. Soon short messages (sms) and please call me were sent around claiming the owl is god and that he is the newly appointed leader of the region. Some animals led by the red fox were not yet convinced and they asked,” can he see during the day?” what kind of silly question is this? Stated the other animals. As a result the red fox and his group of rebels were chased out of the land never to return.

The swearing ceremony of the new leader came and it was done during the day. The owl arrived walking slowly as the other animals cheered and applauded for the arrival of their leader and god. His slow motion walk made him look very dignified and his eyes were largely opened and big and all animals acclaimed he is indeed god. Soon all other animals started to follow him and when he started to bump on things they also did the same. Soon they reached the concrete path and started walking before the hawk which was doing the surveillance reported that a truck was coming along the way. The message was immediately given to owl but because it couldn’t see it continued to lead the other animals and soon the truck appeared and run over them. Both the owl and other creatures died. The moral of the story is that, we the Kenyans have anointed Raila odinga to be our owl. We have let him lead us in many directions. For example he was the one in 2002 who among other leaders lead the revolution to oust the former president Moi in power. In 2007 he went against his partner in crime (kibaki) and tried the same formulae which ended up causing the 2007/2008 post election violence.

Amidst all these, on 28th February 2008 we applauded on his historic appointment of becoming the Prime Minister. Under his guidance as the leader of government he has let corruption to be the order of the day. He has become the judge of the offenders and acquitted those who support him and framed those whom he term as his big threat to 2012 election. For starters when senior official from his office were mention on the maize scandal he immediately ordered a quick investigation. It was done and after three months the findings were out and his close friends who happen to be serving in his ministry were found innocent and immediately reinstated to their respective jobs. Second the Triton saga which was immediately swept under the carpet with the accused Devani left to walk free. Third came the water scandal which didn’t see the light of day as investigation were done so first and the accused Minister was declared innocent. As the taxpayers continue to loose their money in servicing all these loses he still continue to add more loses on His many trips abroad and also some from other top leaders in the government he claims to head. Now the inflation rate has escalated and poor Kenyans can’t even afford a decent meal and still he claims that’s 2012 he is interested in becoming the Head of state.
The red foxes lead by uhuru, Ruto and company are trying to warn as about our so called god but they were immediately chased by been taken to Hague. We may not try to rule out the fact that these group of rebels are not also clean and that they also operate in the same jungle of corruption but should we ignore them and end up been sold to foreigners after 2012.

Kenyans lets all rise up to the occasion during the 2012 elections and choose a leader who has a vision for us and our country at large. This leader needs to be a man of integrity, transparent and more so one who has not been involved in the dirty politics of this country. Is this leader out there?



September 4, 2011 · 7:42 am

2 responses to “Raila is not a revolutionist

  1. I believe it can and will happen, Kenyans will get tired of being swayed from one side to the other by people who do what is best for them at the time. After reading this, I still ask myself this question, what does Raila stand for? what are his principles? same goes for the rest of our leaders-do we the voters really know?

    • i hope Kenya get to see the sense as you have ivy!!2012 should not be about the popularity of an individual but it should be based on the track record of what the individual has done and what he will do to the country

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