A revolution is necessary</title

God in His own magnificent ways invented revolutions. This can be interpreted differently by different people but allow me to practice my right of civil disobedience and interprete this in the best way I can. When pharaoh oppressed the Israelites through forced labor in harsh conditions the Israelites went on their knees and God through his mercy heard their cry. He began his form of revolution and infected the land of Egypt with different kind of plagues that made pharaoh to release the Israelites with everything they ever had or touched.

When colonialism was the order of the day our grand parents as some may say, went into the forest and started an uprising that shock the entire practice of colonialism making the “wazungu” guys to pack and leave the countries where they had once thought as home. Some critics may say that we never fought for our freedom but we were given especially in the case of our country. Which ever the case the fact is, were it not been for our brave fore fathers who stopped singing the tune of pain they endured through the oppression by the white boys and started swinging machetes we wouldn’t be enjoying the right of been called citizens.

Unfortunately when the white boys left and many of our fore fathers went to occupy their houses of residence in heaven their son’s and daughters inherited most of the thrones. None of them had the knowledge of what real leadership or what good governance entails and more so what democracy truly means. Instead the spoilt prince’s mastered the art of corruption, the culture of mutual protection (impunity), dictatorship and any other vices that tend to make the devil feel insecure as his rein and throne of evil is threatened by these spoilt prince’s.

It all started in the land of the Arab world such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Syria where leaders thought that they were gods and that they were given the promise that their reign is an everlasting one. This school of thought was short changed by the populaces who are the sovereign and thus led to the revolutions. As Martin Luther King Jr once said, “the prince’s of this world are gods, the common people are Satan, through whom God sometimes does what at other times He does directly through Satan, that is, makes rebellion for the people’s sins”. The people who have sinned are our political leaders. They have let the prices of fuel and basic commodities to go up, unemployment rate is doubling and corruption has been the order of the day. A trickle down effect of the uprising from the Middle East is starting to be felt in Africa continent and also in London. This is serious as what we saw in the Middle East may be a dress rehearsal compared to what will happen in Africa. The self proclaimed king of kings of Africa col. Muammar Gadaffi is now feeling the frustration of the people whom he once led. The interesting scenario is that many Africa leaders have kept silence as they know it’s just a matter of time before they experience the same tribulations.

Allow me to shift the attention from the sad events of the uprisings and bring the argument at home. Kenya needs a revolution! The Mzalendo kibunjia led commission will love to get hold of this and probably accuse me of incitement. But let me burst their bubbles first. First and for most I object an uprising in our great country Kenya because of one hypothesis.

This is based on what happened immediately after the 2007 general election. For some reasons or not Kenyans tend to get things the wrong way. We killed our sweet Mothers, raped our sisters, volunteered our young men to fight a war they had no idea of, torched down houses and even places of worship and lastly drive away our dear brothers and sister born from a different ethnic clan. Yet those who made us fight live in lavish homestead feeling nothing. For this profound reason I choose not to support that kind of revolution.

The kind of revolution that I choose is a mind revolution. Every Kenyan needs to undergo an individual mental revolution. We need to ask ourselves vital questions like- why I am I voting for this particular candidate? What exactly will I benefit as an individual? I am I voting for him because he or she is good looking? Is it because we share a fence at our rural home? Is it because their fathers are famous or fought for the country or they tend to have billions which they acquire through strange means? Surely we need to ask ourselves these questions and we need to do this very fast.

They are now passing vital laws at night, approving and accenting laws without proper and publicly scrutiny of them. They are cutting deals on who to place in office without our knowledge and immediately swearing them in. Our sovereignty as the populace is been traded and sold to the highest bidder right under our nooses. Come 2012 we may not have a country of our own because these power seekers don’t care about our interest at all. We need to change our ways of thinking and come together as one and let these so called leaders know that they don’t control us but we do control them. In conclusion Pharaoh had a favorite formula of keeping the Israelites from a revolution and his formula was to keep the Israelites fighting amongst each other. But when the Israelites came together and became a unit led by Moses something happened to pharaoh’s kingdom.
Come 2012 we need to let the little’s pharaoh’s know that we are together and we will get our Moses through God’s guidance who will lead us out of these issues we are facing currently. Can I hear an Amen!!



September 4, 2011 · 7:07 am

2 responses to “A Revolution is neccessary

  1. Yes.We need a revolution, we Kenyans need to stop thinking only about our tribes and clans, but about who does the best job regardless of what part of the country they are from.

  2. AMEN dude! i agree with the idea of a “mental revolution” and not a violent uprising. well said, mate, well said! and excellent use of Allegories to promulgate your main points! excellent post! keep it up!

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