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This is an open letter to the man we overwhelmingly voted for in 2002 while still in a wheelchair and then again 2007 the same guy who took power without our consent. For some, especially the Muthaiga golf buddies call him Mr. President while me and some of the men of clothe we call him the moribund president.
Mr. Moribund President, I am a citizen of this great republic of Kenya, by birth and profession. I do prescribe to the laws that govern this country and more so to the laws you as a person took an oath to preserve and protect by all means. As a citizen by profession, I have mastered the art of enduring the constant struggle that most of my Kenyan colleagues do face on a daily basis and of which most of them are as a result of the misfortunes that are taking place in your government.
Many critics including my close friends given a chance will defend you by all means even if it means losing an eye or even classifying their defense as a probono work to ensure your reputation is not soiled. As one of my best friends would argue that immediately you took power, you were able to restore the sanctity and dignity of our great city under the sun known as Nairobi. His main argument is that streets and building walls are no longer public toilets, people are no longer mugged in broad day light, women hand bags are no longer snatched and the highlights of them all is that finally a common man, can enter a government premises and be served without been told to wipe some ones hand with money. He also came up with another defense that development has taken place and that high state of roads have been constructed and given a name known as super highways. Employment rate has also increased with projects such as “kazi kwa vijana” where young men and women with degrees and other certificates are taken to dig holes, trenches, sweep roads and any other manual work available. As a person I have no problem with this system of work as it might give the young guys an opportunity to use their knowledge to invent new and better ways of digging the holes or even sweeping the roads.
I do agree that all these things have taken place under your regime and finally Kenya as a country has started to shine and be recognized by the international world. Also if I may be allowed to plaster your image with the good deeds you brought to our country I may only argue on the basis of democracy. To be more precise you have restored most of the 1st generation rights, such as the freedom of expression which I am faithfully ascribing to as I criticize you. But if allowed to follow this line of thought then my work of ensuring you stay to the right path will be lost automatically.
The good book tells us in one of the teachings that Jesus gave; there was one that was called the parable of the lost sheep. In this parable he asked, “If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety nine on the hill and go to look for the one that wandered off? And if he finds it, I tell you the truth, he is happier about the one sheep than about the ninety nine that did not wonder off. The reality is you have justified your leadership on the “ninety nine sheep” yet you have forgotten to go look for the one sheep known as the economic and social rights.
In our constitution Mr. President chapter 4, article 43 states that-
(1) Every person has the right-
a) To the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care;
b) To accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation;
c) To be free from hunger, and to have adequate food of acceptable quality;
d) To clean and safe water in adequate quantities;
e) To social security; and
f) To education……….
Mr. President if you allow me to refer to you like the way your golf buddies do then allow me to say that you have failed as completely. You have denied us this fundamental right. People who voted for you are dying every week. Some are getting burned, many are dying out of hunger yet your government has mastered the art of selective blindness and deafness saying that no Kenyan has died of hunger and that the fresh graves we saw from areas of North Eastern and other arid areas in our country are photo-shop, others are dying daily on the roads you are claiming will be a legacy of what people will remember you with, slums are mushrooming daily because people can’t afford a decent house, price of food is doubling every dawn of day, fuel prices are increasing despite having the energy regulatory commission, cheap liquor is killing our young generation as most of them are running on them to quench the thirst of poverty embracing them daily, the shilling is weaken and many other issues
Mr. President its time you go look for this sheep. Clear the bushes by firing this incompetent golf buddies who have mastered the ideology of vice as a virtue and virtue as a vice. If you choose to ignore then there will be no one to remember or write your history as most of it will be lying in the many graves of Kenyans that your government is responsible for.


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The truth is something went wrong during the last general elections. And the only people who can tell us exactly what happened are the president, the prime minister and the former Electoral commissioners. These are the individuals who are supposed to come clean and apologize to the victims who were raped, attacked, displaced, the souls of who were killed during the civil disturbance and more so to the little children who died at kiamba church. Unfortunately this group of individuals happens to have inherited the heart of pharaoh and expecting this from them is like trying to define the true meaning of impossible. Fortunately God in His own wisdom invented the art of dealing with this kind of people, and sure enough He will deal with them in ways only pharaoh can narrate if he was alive.

Allow me to borrow some wisdom from the law of common sense and say that the ICC confirmation case was just a mere circus staged by Ocampo or rather a well played movie whose script was written by both the two principles and directed by Ocampo. This circus or movie is like a coin and it is where I hereby derive my two hypotheses about the confirmation hearing cases. The first hypothesis is about the executive and production director Mr. Ocampo. The guy came in town and immediately he was given a hero’s welcome; he was taken to the most luxurious hotel, given a limousine to be driven in, security and the worst, a tour guide by our idle ministers to see our culture and heritage which has been imbedded within the confirms of our national game parks or rather to witness the animals we spared during the civil disturbances of 2007/2008. Without leaving anything to chance we also gave a cheetah his name and that day Ocampo automatically became one of us. Later, he met with the two script writers and that was the day the fate of the six accused individuals was sealed. In real sense Ocampo never carried any investigations. The only things he used was the documents from Waki’s led commission and others from the Kenya national human rights commission and any other witness who became wise enough to enjoy the privilege given to an international witness so as run away from the poverty in our country.

Later, back in his office he did what we call cut and paste, combined with the script given by the two principles, Ocampo had a full movie to produce. Immediately he broadcasted the lead cast members having reduced the Waki list from 10 to 6 and the movie was good to go.

This brings me to my second hypothesis. As any cast member would do, they accepted their role to impersonate the real characters who happen in this case to be none other than the two principles. They boldly called for media briefings saying how they were not consulted when the cast members were been chosen and neither did they go for any auditions. With courage and support from their brothers and sisters in parliament they decided to take the bull by its horns. When Ruto took the stand and started to speak of how patriotic he is and how this movie was scripted to kill his political ambitions I almost shed tears and if given a chance I would have come up to an unanimous verdict of not guilty. But the interesting part came when the defense counsel of Mr. Kosgey played their role. When other counsels tried to defend all the three accused guys, Mr. Kosgey’s counsel only spoke of their guy alone and making him to be the saint of them all. At first I was bitter and angry with Mr. Kosgey but then I had a moment and remembered a story of two hens, where one was blind and the other had a very sharp eye sight. The blind hen was very hard working and it would scratch everywhere to get food. But the other hen was indeed wise and lazy and all it deed was to keep its manicured nails clean by letting the other blind hen do all the scratching and all it did was to follow closely and eat from the same spot the other blind hen scratched. In my own school of thought this was a bright and dangerous move displayed by Mr. Kosgey.

In the scenario at court it was a brilliant move but back at home guys have realized that he is not a man to rely on or be trusted as he is playing from the same card inherited from his trainer Mr. Raila.
Will these cases be confirmed? To my own analysis they may or may not and if confirmed they will not necessarily indicate that the guys are guilty but it will be on the basis of trying to put a stop on impunity as it was evidently displayed in the court when guys were laughing even when not tickled.

In reality Ocampo did a shady work and we all saw that but unfortunately this shady work of his in the name of having sufficient evidence made all of us including those in the camps look bad. The justice we all waited for has turned out to be a game of circus from Mr. Ocampo and in the same mood of fear that nothing good may come out from Ocampo. I hereby wish to extend my right and privilege of having a constitution and urge the Director of public prosecution and the chief justice to put in place a local tribunal where both the small and big perpetrators of the post election violence will be tried. And with this in place justice will prevail in Kenya.

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Cast us not in the ballot box of hatred

This is an open letter to our men of clothe, men who have been given the heaviest task to ensure that each and every one of us enters his or her second season of life in heaven when his cheque has been declared null and void because his life account has been closed here on earth. this includes the murderers -the likes of Osama bin laden, the likes of Idi Amin, Cain one of the sons of Adam and Eve or even the likes of mother Teresa.ooh yee men of clothe may this find you when you are of good health and your spiritual cups are all full of God’s tolerance ,peace , love and unity. Please allow me to go straight to the point and ask you men of clothe a few questions-what happens when the referendum is over and those who are in support of the new draft have either won or lost the election. Please allow me to also play as your advocates. I believe you will all go back to your respective roles of preaching the gospel, helping the sick and also expanding your ministry through missions and outreach to areas such as Moyale Mandera Garissa and the likes?? On to my second question what happens to our diverse religions such as the Islam, Hindu, Christianity and the rest? Will there still be unity, tolerance and understanding amongst them? These two questions bring me to the proclaimed contentious issue of kadhi’s court.

Please allow me to quote a clause on the constitution so that us I play as your advocates I will be protected by the rule of law….”the jurisdiction of a Kadhi’s court shall extend to the determination of questions of Muslim law relating to personal status, marriage, divorce or inheritance in proceedings in which all the parties profess the Muslim religion.” Good men will you let such provision divide us because no Christian has been included to these provision or what is your argument? I to as your advocate am a bit confused with your argument. But let me think without the box- is the article of kadhi’s court a soft ground for the introduction of shariah law in Kenya as one of my brothers from church was trying to convince me? I don’t think so as my knowledge on history clearly tells me there are a clear distinction between sharia law and kadhi’s courts and if its true then we must woo the Muslims so that if any thing was to happen as my brother was telling me then they will allows us to have our Christian courts which will only serve those who profess the Christian faith. What do you think? But then if this was not to happen and maybe this constitution was taking place during the time of Jesus and the saw called men of clothe during his time ‘the Pharisees” approach him and ask him what was his take on the issue of the kadhi’s court. I do believe your guess is as good as mine as he will say give unto the Muslim what belongs to them. Let me take my defense further and explain with a story……In the ancient Chinese court of the Wei kingdom there was a man name Mi Tzu-hsia who had a reputation for supreme civility and graciousness.

He became the rulers favourite.It was a law in Wei that “whoever rides secretly in the ruler’s coach shall have his feet cut off,” but when Mi tzu-hsia’s mother fell ill, he used the royal coach to visit her, pretending that the ruler had given him permission. When the ruler found out, he said, “How dutiful is Mi Tzu-hsia! For his mother’s sake he even forgot that he was committing a crime making him liable to loose his feet!” Another time the two of them took a stroll in an orchard. Mi tzu-hsia began eating a peach that he could not finish and he gave the ruler the other half to eat. The ruler remarked, “You love me so much that you would even forget your own saliva taste and let me eat the rest of the peach. Later, envious fellow courtiers, spreading word that Mi tzu-hsia was actually devious and arrogant, succeeded in damaging his reputation, the ruler came to see his actions in a new light, “This fellow once rode in my coach under pretense of my order, “he told the courtiers angrily, “and another time he gave me a half –eaten peach, “for the same action Mi tzu-hsia had to suffer the penalties!

Please allow me to interpret!

Men of clothe you have ruined your reputation!

For this your feet will be cut off, Final!

And this brings me back to my first question how will you spread the good gospel to areas such a Garissa? Will they allow you? You tell me? And to my final word Islam dialect are now found on cakes, meat and even immediate born kids! Are the god’s speaking!

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A story is told of the owl, whom was considered as god. One dark night as it perch on the tree two moles tried to sneak out of the bush. Immediately they heard,”hey you.” the moles were shocked how anyone would be able to see them amidst the darkness. The next day they went and told the other animals how the owl was god and that it could see at night. In disbelief the secretary bird was requested to go and ascertain the claims. During the darkest hour of the night the secretary bird summoned the owl. The owl was asked several questions of which it got all of them right. The next day the secretary bird presented the findings stating that not only is the owl god but it also happens to be the wisest animal and it will befit if he was appointed as the leader of the animals. Soon short messages (sms) and please call me were sent around claiming the owl is god and that he is the newly appointed leader of the region. Some animals led by the red fox were not yet convinced and they asked,” can he see during the day?” what kind of silly question is this? Stated the other animals. As a result the red fox and his group of rebels were chased out of the land never to return.

The swearing ceremony of the new leader came and it was done during the day. The owl arrived walking slowly as the other animals cheered and applauded for the arrival of their leader and god. His slow motion walk made him look very dignified and his eyes were largely opened and big and all animals acclaimed he is indeed god. Soon all other animals started to follow him and when he started to bump on things they also did the same. Soon they reached the concrete path and started walking before the hawk which was doing the surveillance reported that a truck was coming along the way. The message was immediately given to owl but because it couldn’t see it continued to lead the other animals and soon the truck appeared and run over them. Both the owl and other creatures died. The moral of the story is that, we the Kenyans have anointed Raila odinga to be our owl. We have let him lead us in many directions. For example he was the one in 2002 who among other leaders lead the revolution to oust the former president Moi in power. In 2007 he went against his partner in crime (kibaki) and tried the same formulae which ended up causing the 2007/2008 post election violence.

Amidst all these, on 28th February 2008 we applauded on his historic appointment of becoming the Prime Minister. Under his guidance as the leader of government he has let corruption to be the order of the day. He has become the judge of the offenders and acquitted those who support him and framed those whom he term as his big threat to 2012 election. For starters when senior official from his office were mention on the maize scandal he immediately ordered a quick investigation. It was done and after three months the findings were out and his close friends who happen to be serving in his ministry were found innocent and immediately reinstated to their respective jobs. Second the Triton saga which was immediately swept under the carpet with the accused Devani left to walk free. Third came the water scandal which didn’t see the light of day as investigation were done so first and the accused Minister was declared innocent. As the taxpayers continue to loose their money in servicing all these loses he still continue to add more loses on His many trips abroad and also some from other top leaders in the government he claims to head. Now the inflation rate has escalated and poor Kenyans can’t even afford a decent meal and still he claims that’s 2012 he is interested in becoming the Head of state.
The red foxes lead by uhuru, Ruto and company are trying to warn as about our so called god but they were immediately chased by been taken to Hague. We may not try to rule out the fact that these group of rebels are not also clean and that they also operate in the same jungle of corruption but should we ignore them and end up been sold to foreigners after 2012.

Kenyans lets all rise up to the occasion during the 2012 elections and choose a leader who has a vision for us and our country at large. This leader needs to be a man of integrity, transparent and more so one who has not been involved in the dirty politics of this country. Is this leader out there?


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Immediately Mr. Annan declared we have a deal on the 28th February 2008,and him been the chief Doctor to mother Kenya, he also run some test and one of them was the pregnancy test. After the results were out in the form of the national accord and reconciliation Act mother Kenya was declared pregnant and the unborn baby was the so called proposed constitution. In the process many mid-wives emerged. Some were in the form of committee of experts, parliament and also another group of mid-wives who claim this pregnancy is what will make history remember them as legends and lastly the citizens. Allow me to address each group at a personal level.

Committee of experts

Your job was to provide guidance and direction to this unborn baby, biologically you were to act as the placenta to ensure that nothing bad happens to the fetus (proposed constitution). Unfortunately in the early days of your work you experienced some abnormalities such as lack of funds to conduct proper Civic education, office space was an issue and also personal remuneration. Despite all this you were able to stand firm and deliver as expected and on 23rd of February 2010 the proposed constitution was published and thereafter presented to parliament for the final amendments. No sooner was the proposed constitution passed than you immediately became a past tense. All the effort you had put from going round to collect views from the wananchi was rewarded by you given the back seats during the promulgation ceremony as your glory was hijacked by the “pirates” known as the politicians.

The parliament

Please allow me to be as sincere and candid as possible hoping that I’ll not be charge with libel or defamation. This is a group of elites who are elected by the common mwananchi to represent their will and exercises their sovereignty. On this huge task this group of honourable members has ended up been a paragon of incompetent leaders whose interest was to seek power and amass wealth through unscrupulous ways. In simple words, all the so called honorable members have failed!!!

For starters when the proposed constitution was presented to them for final amendment this class of jokers came up with 150 amendments of which none of them was incorporated in the proposed constitution which they later approved on April 1st 2010. Later on the house divided, forming three groups known as the yes{those in support}, the no group{those against} and lastly those who were neither for or against{the so called watermelons}. In real sense none of this group had read the constitution and understood it well and those who claim to have understood it only read small portions of it and became experts immediately. This is why when the issue of paying tax came some were caught unaware including their prefect the speaker who was the lead negotiator on the gentleman agreement. Yet a layman like me clearly understands that chapter 12, article 210, clause 3 states that- no law may exclude or authorize the exclusion of a state officer from payment of tax by reason of- (a)the office held by the state officer; or (b) the nature of the work of the state officer. If you are wondering whether you are state officers then I refer you to article 260 and article 263 of the constitution hoping that the simplicity of the grammar used might enlighten you.

In conclusion this is a group of false prophets who have mastered the art of preaching water yet they constantly get drunk on wine. They claim to be in support of rule of law and constitutionalism yet those who were in support of the constitution passed it out of mere peer pressure while those who were against were basically driven by selfish personal interest and more so to protect the wealth which was acquired through fraudulent means

The self proclaimed legends

The clergy once referred to you as moribund and incompetent class of individuals. To me you behave as those grandparents who never exist in someone’s life but immediately appear when one has given birth to a child and all you demand is that the child should bear your name no matter what. To you gentle, history will judge you harshly and remember you as only been present during the time of promulgating the constitution and nothing else. One thing you forgot was to apply the law of legacy in a practical manner. In this law a leader lasting value is measured by succession value. The succession value that describe the patterns you have created is that of acts of corruption from your close friends, high living standard where prices of all commodities have tripled since you were sworn in at night and others through negotiations made, and lastly the country is turning out to be a walking nation as citizens cannot afford the comfort of feeding their families, transport cost or have gas on their vehicles. The necessary thing that we Kenyans and the clergy need to do is to withdraw from praying for these people but pray that the days may go fast so that we may vote out this incompetent class of so called leaders or rather legends.

The citizens

For any community to exist in harmony there is need of sine qua non (absolutely necessary) mechanism. One of the mechanisms is the existence of law. To the citizens the constitution was meant to be a tool that would bring all the ethnic communities together so as to avoid the occurrence of the 2007/2008 post election violence but we imagined or dreamt of it as a pop corn machine when we passed it. We thought that this pop corn machine (constitution) would provide jobs, make living condition much better but we were all wrong. To be honest jobs have been created but these jobs were meant for the cousins and former class mates of the so called political class. Kenyans this constitution was and is our baby. Let us nurture and protect it from this class of incompetent law makers. And as the wise men once said when you meet a swordsman, draw your sword; do not recite poetry to one who is not a poet.

Fellow Kenyans its time we draw our swords and come 2012 let us vote all this clowns out.

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A revolution is necessary</title

God in His own magnificent ways invented revolutions. This can be interpreted differently by different people but allow me to practice my right of civil disobedience and interprete this in the best way I can. When pharaoh oppressed the Israelites through forced labor in harsh conditions the Israelites went on their knees and God through his mercy heard their cry. He began his form of revolution and infected the land of Egypt with different kind of plagues that made pharaoh to release the Israelites with everything they ever had or touched.

When colonialism was the order of the day our grand parents as some may say, went into the forest and started an uprising that shock the entire practice of colonialism making the “wazungu” guys to pack and leave the countries where they had once thought as home. Some critics may say that we never fought for our freedom but we were given especially in the case of our country. Which ever the case the fact is, were it not been for our brave fore fathers who stopped singing the tune of pain they endured through the oppression by the white boys and started swinging machetes we wouldn’t be enjoying the right of been called citizens.

Unfortunately when the white boys left and many of our fore fathers went to occupy their houses of residence in heaven their son’s and daughters inherited most of the thrones. None of them had the knowledge of what real leadership or what good governance entails and more so what democracy truly means. Instead the spoilt prince’s mastered the art of corruption, the culture of mutual protection (impunity), dictatorship and any other vices that tend to make the devil feel insecure as his rein and throne of evil is threatened by these spoilt prince’s.

It all started in the land of the Arab world such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Syria where leaders thought that they were gods and that they were given the promise that their reign is an everlasting one. This school of thought was short changed by the populaces who are the sovereign and thus led to the revolutions. As Martin Luther King Jr once said, “the prince’s of this world are gods, the common people are Satan, through whom God sometimes does what at other times He does directly through Satan, that is, makes rebellion for the people’s sins”. The people who have sinned are our political leaders. They have let the prices of fuel and basic commodities to go up, unemployment rate is doubling and corruption has been the order of the day. A trickle down effect of the uprising from the Middle East is starting to be felt in Africa continent and also in London. This is serious as what we saw in the Middle East may be a dress rehearsal compared to what will happen in Africa. The self proclaimed king of kings of Africa col. Muammar Gadaffi is now feeling the frustration of the people whom he once led. The interesting scenario is that many Africa leaders have kept silence as they know it’s just a matter of time before they experience the same tribulations.

Allow me to shift the attention from the sad events of the uprisings and bring the argument at home. Kenya needs a revolution! The Mzalendo kibunjia led commission will love to get hold of this and probably accuse me of incitement. But let me burst their bubbles first. First and for most I object an uprising in our great country Kenya because of one hypothesis.

This is based on what happened immediately after the 2007 general election. For some reasons or not Kenyans tend to get things the wrong way. We killed our sweet Mothers, raped our sisters, volunteered our young men to fight a war they had no idea of, torched down houses and even places of worship and lastly drive away our dear brothers and sister born from a different ethnic clan. Yet those who made us fight live in lavish homestead feeling nothing. For this profound reason I choose not to support that kind of revolution.

The kind of revolution that I choose is a mind revolution. Every Kenyan needs to undergo an individual mental revolution. We need to ask ourselves vital questions like- why I am I voting for this particular candidate? What exactly will I benefit as an individual? I am I voting for him because he or she is good looking? Is it because we share a fence at our rural home? Is it because their fathers are famous or fought for the country or they tend to have billions which they acquire through strange means? Surely we need to ask ourselves these questions and we need to do this very fast.

They are now passing vital laws at night, approving and accenting laws without proper and publicly scrutiny of them. They are cutting deals on who to place in office without our knowledge and immediately swearing them in. Our sovereignty as the populace is been traded and sold to the highest bidder right under our nooses. Come 2012 we may not have a country of our own because these power seekers don’t care about our interest at all. We need to change our ways of thinking and come together as one and let these so called leaders know that they don’t control us but we do control them. In conclusion Pharaoh had a favorite formula of keeping the Israelites from a revolution and his formula was to keep the Israelites fighting amongst each other. But when the Israelites came together and became a unit led by Moses something happened to pharaoh’s kingdom.
Come 2012 we need to let the little’s pharaoh’s know that we are together and we will get our Moses through God’s guidance who will lead us out of these issues we are facing currently. Can I hear an Amen!!


September 4, 2011 · 7:07 am